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Prime area of learning and development - Understanding the World - the prime areas are the most important for children and help prepare them for school. The prime areas must be the focus for all babies and young children and, if a child is not developing well in the prime areas, strategies must be put in place to support them.

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Understanding of the World

Games, crafts and activities to promote understanding of cultural diversity including individual spiritual development
Also see the cooking section for relevant cooking activities

People and communities

This is about how children learn about the people and communities in which they live and their growing understanding of diversity in their local community.


This is about children’s early exploration of technology to learn about cause and effect - buttons and flaps, remote control cars etc, leading on to exploration of ICT - computers, cameras and digital media.

Technology resources

The World

This is about living things (animals, plants, minibeasts, sea creatures), communities in the world around us and similarities and differences between the natural and man made world.

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