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Prime area of learning and development - Physical Development- the prime areas are the most important for children and help prepare them for school. The prime areas must be the focus for all babies and young children and, if a child is not developing well in the prime areas, strategies must be put in place to support them.

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This is about gross (large) motor development.

Resources to support children moving include -


This is about children’s fine (small) motor development including early mark making.

Resources to support children handling include -

Health and self care

This is about how children learn to be healthy (hand washing, healthy eating, sleep, drinking, toileting etc) and stay safe (crossing roads, sun protection, stranger danger etc).

Resources to support children with their health and self care include -

Other Resources

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  • Animal hand puppets
  • Cardboard box ideas
  • Origami
  • Paper crafts
  • - a free online resource to plan educational days out. It is quick and easy to use. You search to your exact criteria including: age of children, type of visit, geographical area, etc and then the results suitable for you come up and each venue gives lots of useful information about how they can help you to make your visit fun and educational, plus lots of the venues offer really great discounts to educational groups, including child minders.

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