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  1. Attended Swimming Lesson with mindee

    A lo I have been looking after for 3 years asked me if I would watch her at her swimming lesson on Saturday morning.

    Her mum picked me and my daughter (12 years old) and we had a lovely time. LO was so excited that I came.

    Has anyone else done something like this?
  2. Claiming Tax Relief on Play Room

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if you can claim for the room I use as the playroom. It is a permanent room used only for childminding (was the dining room).

    Not sure if I can or how much I can claim. Had a look on the HMRC website but cant find any information.

    Many thanks

  3. Keeping a positive mind.

    I think the timing flexibility must all depend on your previous working experience which influences your outlook I assume.

    As a public servant My starting / finishing work time was never my arrival at work time or leaving work time. I never 'clocked on' or 'clocked off'. It was a vocation where I just completed what I wanted/needed to do, no matter the time. Arriving early and finishing later. The job enveloped me, my time was order to complete it to the standard I aspired ...
  4. Yaaaay For the little people

    Received confirmation from the DofE that :
    that the local authority will no longer be placing additional conditions on childminders judged ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ in order for them to receive funding to deliver early education places.

    Is this a definite win for the little person? Well, I hope so, provided of course the council don't sneak something else in due to my lack of knowledge lol

    Would like to thank ...

    Updated 24-12-2014 at 06:18 AM by Kiddleywinks

  5. DofE have now contacted the LA

    Finally, the DofE have raised the issue directly with the council and has asked them to clarify their position on funding ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ childminders who wish to deliver funded early education places.
    They will write again when they have had a response from the council.

    Can't wait...... (yes that is a hint of sarcasm )
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