Sick of repeating myself now!

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It's getting boring.

Going round and round with the LA, going round and round with the DofE!

Response from the DofE was practically a duplicate of the other responses, quoting the legislation (which I already know hence why I'm contacting you!), enclosing links to documents I already have, and thanking me for my time in contacting the DofE and hope I find the answer useful!

Well quite frankly, I don't!
Someone must speed read the messages, pick out certain words and phrases and just reply to that, because they obviously didn't pick up the question I actually asked as it remains unanswered.

So I have sent a smaller more direct question, literally referring them to my previous reference no's and asking them one question!

Another 4 week wait!

I swear between the LA and the DofE............! Grrrrr
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