The wheels grind oh so very slowly

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So, still here.... Why is it when them's in power want something doing it's to be done yesterday, when it's little o'le me it's whenever they can be bothered to maybe get around to it and if we leave it long enough she might just go away

Well, finally had a response from the LA following their meeting with the legal advisers - same stand, aint changing, well within their rights to insist on additional conditions blah de blah de blah

I think to be honest they were waiting for Truss to leave and the new minister to take office before deciding what to do with me lol

Following a bit more too-ing and fro-ing, I've now contacted the DofE, and using a question from a forum members similar experience asked them to confirm whether or not an LA can deviate from the statutory guidance, and if that is a definite no, then can they please intervene on my behalf as the LA continue to stonewall me at every turn.

Hopefully this will spur some actual action to reverse the decision?
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