Finally a response from the LA - well, sort of..... :-/

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Having sorted out an email to my LA, informing them of the DofE's response, I pointed out that there appears to be some confusion on behalf of the LA and asked for their response.
I received an automated message that there was no one available till the middle of the month, so I waited....

and I waited.....

and I waited some more......

Eventually, I had enough of waiting and messaged to see if they had received my email.
Yes they had, and had arranged a meeting to discuss..... Would have been nice to have had a response informing me of that

Due to unforeseen circumstances, that meeting was cancelled, so waiting for them to arrange another one.....

Still waiting.......
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  1. sarah707's Avatar
    Any more news...? x
  2. Kiddleywinks's Avatar
    Apologies Sarah for only just seeing this, I've updated the blog with the current status x

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