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Free Downloads - These have now all been updated for EYFS 2014

Remember some of these have been kindly written and shared, please respect the members ownership by keeping any copyrights intact and acknowledging ownership.

E-Petition regarding deregulation of Childminders, important information and discussion - find out more, click here.

Campaign Leaflets: Download the campaign leaflets here to print and distribute: Campaign Leaflets

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Development Matters/Early Years Outcomes

Useful information on the Foundation Years website -

Using EYO and DM

EYFS Statutory Framework - including clarification notes - from 1st September 2014 - This is the Framework to work from if you care for children in the Early Years age group.

Early Years Outcomes From September 2013

Early Years Outcomes Information and Guidance

Using Early Years Outcomes includes a sample progress tracker

The EYFS Progress Check at age 2 -One with information about Progress Checks and one by Sarah Neville to help you write a Progress Check.

Use the above document in conjunction with the EYFS and Learning Journal Information opposite

Ofsted Forms, Guidance and Information England

General Documents:

The numbers and ages of children that childminders may care for - Ofsted Factsheet, July 2012

Documentation to display - a guide to the documentation you should display in your setting

Latest Ofsted Poster to display in your setting (Nov 13)

Ofsted Inspection if no children on roll Ofsted guidance if you have no children on roll or if you have no children present on the day October 2011

Childminding between Friends Ofsted Factsheet March 2011

Serious Accidents, injuries and Deaths - Ofsted factsheet on when you must inform Ofsted about such incidents

Existing Injuries - information on dealing with existing injuries on a child

Inspection Tips What the Inspector will be looking for during your inspection? There are two documents available: One is the inspectors evaluation guide, the other is the 'Are you ready for your Inspection?' booklet

Ofsted Inspection Outcomes

Ofsted Pre-Registration

Self Evaluation:

Guidance for the new SEF September 2015 plus Professional Discussions and CPD

Recording Professional Development

Self Reflective Practice


Variations a quick reference guide

Variations for Childminders from September 2014 - Two documents - one is a comparison between the wording of the EYFS 2012 and the wording of the EYFS 2014. It shows that the requirements are the same.
The other is more information on current variation rules.

Changes to conditions of registration for Childminders from September 2014 - This document gives further information about how to manage changes to conditions of registration / variations from September 2014. It includes information about variations rules, a sample policy and risk assessment.

Looking after 2 children under 1

When a child is a rising 5

A useful information post on the Forum:

Variations when working with staff

Early Years and Childcare Register:

Guide to registration on the Childcare Register - Childminder - Ofsted Booklet plus Sarah's own information sheets

Before and After School Care

Childminding Registration Forms

Guide to registration on the Early Years Register - Childminder. Ofsted booklet

Concerns and Complaints:

Complaints Form and Information


EY2 Form - Used to register those in your household or to Register an Assistant with Ofsted. LATEST VERSION JULY 2013

Ofsted factsheet - Childminders using Assistants The factsheet sets out Ofsted's policy and understanding of the law about the use of assistants by childminders on the Early Years and Childcare Registers. (December 2009) This replaces the Nov 09 and April 09 versions

Forms to use if you employ a Childminding Assistant - Form 1 Employment time sheet and Form 2 employment payment record

Ofsted Factsheets - Jan 2013

SCSWIS Information  Scotland only

New Inspection Procedures

SAF Prompt list

Care Plan

ICO Registration

General Paperwork and Information

Sharing Information - with parents and other settings

Letter to other setting

Explaining RAG Inspections

Writing Permission Forms

PPL Guidance - Guidance on Public Performance Licensing for Childminders

ICO Registration - Advice on registering with the Information Commissioner's Office for DATA protection

ICO Registration - Ofsted confirmation

DBS Checks

Attendance Sheets

Emergency Cards

Parental Responsibility Understanding PR 7

Parental Responsibility and Legal Contact Form -

Non Paying Parents - A guide on what to do if parents do not pay or if they pay late

Debt Letter

Contract Termination

Invoice Template

Medication Requirements

Health Care Plans in Childcare Settings

Baby Sleep Monitoring Charts

Epipen Information

Jury Service and childminders

Planning Permission Rules - ENGLAND

Space Requirements - updated 2015

Tax Information

Tax Information for Childminders by the HMRC/Inland Revenue - 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14

Tax Information/Guidance for Childminders - Expenses and Tax guidance

Employing your teens to help

Mortgage expenses and childminders - tax and mortgage info

Expenses for Training and Courses information

Policies and Procedures

Writing Policies and Procedures - EYFS 2014

Safeguarding and Child Protection - Policy and Procedure Contents

Sharing Information with Other Settings Policy

Touch Policy

Confidentiality Policy

The NON use of Socket Covers Policy/Procedure

Everything Else!

The Best Free Activities Websites - Simply click here for a list of free sites for very useful activity ideas.

British Values: A document outlining the Fundamental British Values in Early Years and a British Values Poster for you to download and print.


EYFS 2014 - Below are new documents for the revised EYFS which comes into force 1st Sept. 2014:

EYFS Statutory Framework 2014 including clarification notes - these are the learning and development requirements and the safeguarding and welfare requirements which you must use from Sept 2014

EYFS 2014 - The Main Changes - The main changes to the EYFS requirements

EYFS 2014 - Policies and Procedures

EYFS 2014 - Permissions - Permissions which are now required under EYFS 2014

EYFS 2014 - Requirement numbers - A quick reference guide to the changes

EYFS 2014 - Variations - Two documents - A comparison guide to variations between EYFS 2012 and 2014 and another information document.

EYFS 2014 - A Parents Guide

Equality and 'SEND' Special Educational

SEND Documents - 4 documents with a variety of information regarding SEND: Equality and SEND - The main changes; SEND Action Plan; SEND - Code of Practice; SEND - Guide for parents and carers

Local Offer - A Sample and the Local Offer briefing paper from NCB (National Children's Bureau)

Safeguarding Disabled Children - NSPCC Leaflet

Learning Journals

Learning Journeys Two documents

PLODS Possible Lines of Development - Ideas for the next steps in a child's learning.

Observation Tracker Sheets and information on how to use them.

Tracking a Child's Progress through EYFS

Writing a Transition Document - While it is not a requirement for EYFS, writing one is good practice as it shares information with the child's next setting.

Overview of the observation, assessment and planning cycle for Eyfs aged children

EYFS progress check age 2 - 3 - this document explains what we will have to do when we write a progress check for an age 2 - 3 child.

2 Year Progress Check - Two documents, one for writing a 2 year progress check and one is an A5 Booklet 'My Progress Check'

Assessments and Revised EYFS

Observation Sheet and Form, Organising Play and a Play Plan (3 documents)

Observing Children

Early Years Passport - template to gather information about a child to fit with the EYFS Framework - Although this does not now meet the full requirements for EYFS it is a lovely document and is left as guidance.

Learning Through Play - A booklet compiled by the Early Years Interboard panel in response to requests by practitioners in Early Years settings for guidelines on provision and progression in play.

Themes and Commitments of the EYFS - Information and poster style document which can be displayed on your notice board or shared with parents.

Themes and Commitments of the EYFS (2)- A simple breakdown of what is required for themes and commitments

7 Areas of Learning for Parents - Sharing information about EYFS with parents - two documents

Documents for working with parents/EYFS

7 Areas of Learning and Development - Two guides

How to write an 'All About Me' document - Guide

Settling in Questionnaire

I am Special - template

Areas of Learning and Development - Two documents, one illustrated.

Children's Starting Points

Continuous Provision - Linking to EYFS

Resources for EYFS

Next Steps - three documents

Tracking a Child through EYFS

Writing a Transition Document and Transition to School (two documents)

School Age Children and EYFS

Making Good Progress

The Characteristics of Effective Learning and Schemas - three documents

Learning Dispositions

Learning Stories


Planning to follow a Child's Interests, Planning Play and Multicultural/Diversity Planning

Activity Planner - Simple planner for weekly activities

Activity ideas - For all areas of learning - two documents

Learning and Development outside - Two documents, one for general play planning, one for maths planning

Group Planning - Information on group planning including an example

Individual Planning and the EYFS - Two documents one of which is a Play Plan

Group Planning for Ages 0 to 3

Group Planning for Ages 3+

Group Spider Web Plan

CP Planning Overview

Daily Routines - two documents

Planning for a Notice Board - Notice Board ideas

Risk Assessments

Child Led Risk Assessments - RA Form to complete with children - download is currently on the Forum.

Evacuation Procedure - A simple and fun sheet to help children understand evacuation

Daily Health and Safety Checklist

Writing Risk Assessments

Health and Safeguarding

Safeguarding Documents - a variety of document all in one place, these include:

  • Applying to Waive Disqualification - Early Years and Childcare Providers
  • Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006
  • Information Sharing Advice
  • Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years
  • Prevent Duty Guidance - England and Wales
  • What to do if you are worried a child is being abused
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children

Food Allergen and Allergies Guidance - 9 documents with a variety of information including posters, SFBB information and FSA guidance plus the latest Food Allergen legislation.

Safeguarding Information:

Currently under review so will need updating when the new one comes out

Safeguarding File Contents

Safeguarding - If a Child Makes an Allegation

See also Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy and Procedure Contents

Protecting Information Online

If a parent arrives drunk or drugged - information/advice

Eat Better Start Better – details of the new voluntary food and drink guidelines for Early Years Settings in England from the School Food Trust.

Sleep Problems - Early Support, Information for Parents on sleep problems.

Choking Hazards - Children and choking risks

Access Audit - Written by Karen Green, Inclusion Support Worker at Leeds Play Network. Helps you assess your setting for access by people with disabilities.

Fire Safety in Houses or Flats used for Childminding - information booklet from the Chief Fire Officers Association

Fire Evacuation Practice

Infection Control - Guidance for Schools and Childcare Settings

Safe Kids Handbook

Stranger Danger Poster

Matches Safety Poster

Activities to Promote Fire Safety

Hand Washing Activity Book

NHS Posters - Two posters to download. One for handwashing, one for coughs and sneezes

Cot Death Information 2009 - Information relating to cot death

Noro-Virus - Information fact sheet

Food Standards Agency Booklet - Advice for Registered Childcarers on Domestic Premises Operating as a Food Business (Feb 2009) plus Safer Food Better Business Info

Bereavement Booklet - Helping children cope with bereavement

RHS Poisonous Plants Guide - plus useful links

Infant Formula Guidance - Read the latest information on preparing and feeding infant formula

Heatwave Plan

Potty Training Chart - with a fun fish design

Vistors and Ofsted


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