Foundation - Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect
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    Default Foundation - Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect

    This thread was accidentally deleted, it is repeated here for reference:

    Foundation - Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect. This is my experience of doing the course:

    They say it takes on average around 2 hours but I spent about 3 hours spread over two days. You can take longer if you wish, it's entirely at your own pace and you can save it and return at the same point later. I found it easy to follow and the instructions were clear. The information is presented in different ways - you listen, read and take small tests along the way.
    Although I had done Child Protection Courses in the past I still found there were some things I'd either forgotten or didn't know. I think it would be a great introduction for anyone who has had no Child Abuse Awareness training.
    • At the end of the course you should be able to:
    • Understand the various types of child abuse and neglect
    • Identify the signs and what to look for
    • Know how to ask questions if you suspect a child is being abused
    • know what steps to take if you suspect abuse is happening
    • know what happens after a referral is made to Children's Service (Social Care)
    • Know what to do if a child or an adult discloses abuse
    You can go back through the training at any point if you feel you want to refresh your memory.
    At the end of the training and once you are confident to take it, there is a test, mainly multiple choice.
    You need 75% to pass, if you fail you can go back to the training and continue until you feel happy to try again. When you pass you are then directed to a print page where you can print off a certificate.

    Works on both PC and Apple Macintosh/OSX

    There is another course - Safeguarding Children Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect CORE' for details see the link below:

    Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect -CORE - course details
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