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Thread: Level 3 Diploma

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    Default Level 3 Diploma

    Hi everyone,

    There is anyone in here who can help me? I don't have any about what to do
    It is about the lesson CYPCore 36 Task 2

    When you are completing reports, it is important that they are:
    • Accurate
    • Legible
    • Concise
    • Meet legal requirements such as the Data Protection Act

    Choose an article from a newspaper or magazine that is of interest to you. Handwrite a summary of the article using no more than 200 words.

    Re-read your article and answer the following questions as honestly as you can:
    • Would someone reading my summary understand all the key points of the article?
    • Is my handwriting clear and legible? (Ask your tutor to check this for you)
    • Did I keep within the 200 word limit?
    • Have I mentioned any information which would allow a reader to identify a particular individual?
    • Have I used a range of sentence structures, including complex sentences, and paragraphs to organise communication effectively?
    • Have I punctuated text using commas, apostrophes and inverted commas accurately?
    Show your summary with your tutor and ask for their feedback.

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    This is a test of your handwriting, your understanding of English and grammar... and checking you can count to 200!

    Just follow what it says- find a newspaper or magazine article- it does not matter what it is as it is not a test of your childcare knowledge at all!
    Read the article, write by hand (in your neatest handwriting) briefly what the article was about- include the important bits. Count the words you have written and adjust to make it about 200. Check your spelling, sentence construction and paragraphs and grammar- ask someone else to read it if possible.
    Then show to your tutor.

    I would not stress about it or spend too long on it. Save your energy for the real stuff.

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    Simona Guest


    It is also a task to make you understand that records of children's progress need to be in an accurate format and show your numeracy and literacy skills

    The new Ofsted Factsheet on 'Conducting EY inspections' (Aug 2014) requires providers to provide a 'short high quality summary' for parents...why not?
    As parents we would expect school reports to be just as high in quality and contents
    In some nurseries practitioners may do the observations but often they do not write the reports...not so for cms as we are in sole charge of this task ...this raises the aspirations and status of cms

    It makes sense that, as educators, we need to be able to be confident in these skills as we teach numeracy and literacy to children and are expected to raise their achievements

    Good luck with the task !

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