flying fear please help
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    Default flying fear please help

    I have booked to go see my dad - he lives in cyprus in august

    i am terrified of flying, he has lived there about 7 years and due to my fear iv only been twice.

    i HATE it and now ive booked it i feel sick, and i know its going to ruin what shoud be a fab time

    can anyone recommend anything, last time i went i had diazapam and two red wines (even tho shouldnt drink) and did jack lol

    any suggestions or has anything worked for any one on here??

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    Default Re: flying fear please help

    I know exactly how you feel! I hadn't flown for 9 years due to being absolutely terrified and convinced that the flight i would be on would be the one flight that ends in disaster!
    I eventually flew last month - transatlantic to Orlando!
    I can't say it was easy, I got into a right tizzy at the airport but at least I did it. 6 months before I wouldn't have even considered going to America, but I worked hard on overcoming the fear which at least enabled me to book and go!
    I joined a fear of flying forum, I read a fof book, bought a fof dvd, went to see a hypnotist and downloaded the Virgin fof app for my ipod touch.

    I would think that out of all of the above it was the fof forum that helped me the most. All my concerns were addressed and I learnt so much about aviation/how planes work/what happens if xyz happens etc.

    Even though I was in a tizzy before take off, once we were "zooming" along for take off I really calmed down and didn't worry at all.

    The forum is

    Maybe I'll see you there!



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