Weekly chat 6th June
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    Default Weekly chat 6th June

    It’s a very late weekly chat this week!

    How’s everyone doing? Did you all enjoy the long bank holiday weekend? I spent a lot of the weekend with family, but was actually home alone on Sunday afternoon and it was lovely! I watched a bit of the jubilee parade on TV and thought it looked fun.

    This week has been a bit of a washout with the weather. We’d put a gazebo in the garden a few weeks back but have been using it more as a rain cover than as a sun shade! The first thing I have to do when we go outside is tip off all the rain water that’s pooled on top of it. The children love that, especially when it splashes back on my feet

    I hope you’re all enjoying your week

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    oh my goodness!

    and now it is Thursday evening!

    It's been a busy week with lots of 'wild' activities for '30 days wild' with the wildlife trust. I'm not sure quite what we've done, but we seem to be constantly busy!
    It has been overcast, cold and showery most mornings, but seems to brighten up mid afternoon! just not quite enough to completely dry the washing!

    I'm trying to get DD 'organised' into looking into where she wants to go to Uni/which courses she wants to do. As she wants to do musical theatre, it is a tad more complicated than just applying through UCAS! ... all courses need applying and then auditioning for, and typically all seem to have different audition requirements of types of song/monologues/dance and how many and how long they need to be! My brain is 'slightly' befuddled by it all!

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    Happy Friday !!

    It's definitely been a mixed bag of weather this week but it's finished with a lovely sunny day here.

    A couple of my little term time only ones were a bit unsettled after having last week off so both sets of parents have decided they need to do some days during the holidays to keep them in the routine plus I think the mum's will enjoy having child free days.

    I am not really sure what we did this week but my house looks a state so I need to have a big clean and tidy round before I start again next week. It was my plan to get it all done this afternoon as off to the theatre tomorrow but I had to take my own parents shoppings and the traffic was so busy, a journey that normally takes 10mins in the car took over 40 minutes and by the time they had trundled around the shop then back home again the afternoon has gone. I think I am going to take 10 mins for myself and relax in the garden whilst my dinner is cooking.

    Loocyloo good luck with getting uni sorted for your daughter, my youngest is returning home at the end of the month as he is now finishing his masters, I am looking forward to having home for a while.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.
    Pixie Dust



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