Good evening Wednesday
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    Default Good evening Wednesday

    Good evening everyone!

    How are you all doing?

    We had our Christmas party today so it was a manic, but fun day. I had my daughter (assistant) here so we could have all the children in on the same day. They were so excited and were bouncing around all day. We sent home some very happy, but tired children

    Tomorrow we're going to get the last of the crafts finished so they've got plenty of time to dry before they go home. Normally I'm desperately trying to dry them with the hairdryer on the last day

    Then I'm on countdown till next Wednesday when i break up for Christmas. Only 4 more days to work and I've got 2 weeks off Are you all having a long break?

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    sounds like a lovely day Mouse, how wonderful to have all the children in for a party together.

    We had fun at a friends do crafts and playing.

    I think pretty much everyone has now made their card and decoration with their photo on/in, so anything else we've done is a bonus !!! I've got the rest of this week, then 1 day the following week!

    I've got 2 weeks off the way it has worked out ( one child has given notice for end of term ... last day tomorrow (but i don't think mum has actually told child! EEEK! but that's another story!) and said 'you're not working the holidays' ... obviously hadn't read newsletter, or any invoice for past 6 months, which stated i WAS working! but i've managed to re-jig the children that should have come those days, to all come next tuesday, so will be a lovely busy fun day and then i'm OFF! . Going to be chaos in the new year though, as had a new starter booked in ages ago, then had a call last week, and this babe is taking some of the space of my child who has given notice, and then mum of current child asked if i had any room for baby sibling, as been offered a new job! So i can fit everyone in, with a bit of a wiggle and squeeze ... but going to take me a while to get my head round babies again !!!


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    Evening !

    I have had a quiet day as one little one has been off today as not well so only had 2 this morning then 1 this afternoon.

    Have fun with your new baby after Christmas Loocyloo, having just gone through settling 2 babies this term I know how challenging it can be but we have got in to a routine now and it's going quite well. I have a new one starting after Christmas but they are nearly 3.

    I finish on the 23rd then off until the new year. Next week I have a few older ones plus my regular little ones and they all get on really well, the pre school children are looking forward to having the reception children back for the whole day not just after school.
    Pixie Dust

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