Good afternoon Thursday
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    Default Good afternoon Thursday

    That's my weekend started an hour early! One of the dads messaged and asked if it was OK to collect his child early. I said it was nice of him to ask, but his child is the last one to leave, so he's welcome to come and collect her early any time

    Today is my busy day, not helped by most of the children being in particularly grumpy moods. They seemed to spend the day switching between being totally over-excited at the mere mention of Christmas, and throwing themselves on the floor if they didn't get what they wanted the very second they asked for it. It's been a tiring day and I'm ready to put my feet up tonight.

    What's everyone been up to? How are the festive crafts coming along? I've got a pile of green painted cardboard wreaths waiting to be decorated next week. I think I'll just give the children some stickers and let them do their own thing. I've also tried taking nice photos of them to put on their parents' christmas cards, but they've all had really sore, snotty noses this week so they haven't looked their best. I'll try that again next week.

    I hope the rest of your afternoon goes quickly and you're all soon packed up for the day!

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    We've made Christmas Cards and that's about it! Everyone is very snotty here too!

    A friend and I have had a local parent messaging both of us about a space ... but won't commit to actually visiting either of us! She's in for a shock ... if neither of us have heard within a couple of days, then the space will have gone! She obviously doesn't think local minders talk! But seeing as she's the only one in her town, and I'm the only one in mine, and we both think that we suggested the other to her weeks ago, when neither of us had a space!

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    Yes children all snotty here too.local school are making children have a PCR if got a cold, got a cough, or a tummy ache, sore throat what does that leave 🤷🏻*♀️ I know we have to be careful but bit extreme. I wouldn’t have children if I turned away all those with a bit of a cold.

    And when I do say don’t come with a cough/ cold it’s like they can’t read .

    Just started Christmas items so far salt dough cut outs. Will do a card next week.Been minding so long running out of new ideas.



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