Welcome to a very wet and windy weekend
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    Default Welcome to a very wet and windy weekend

    What’s the weather like where you are? I hope it’s not caused you too much damage or drama. We had a very windy night then woke up to snow this morning. It’s not sticking as the ground’s too wet, but it has been quite heavy. I’m just glad I went out yesterday and did everything I needed to do. It means I can stay inside, in the warm today. It’s still windy, although nowhere as bad as it was through the night, so I’ll have a quick run round the garden to check for any damage, then I don’t plan to leave the house for the rest of the day!

    I’ll use my time today getting the Christmas resources ready for next week. I need to print and laminate lots of bits, so I’ll do that while watching a Christmas movie or two and drinking a gingerbread latte…or two I might even wrap some presents, seeing as how I’ve already bought some (super early for me!)

    Enjoy whatever you’re doing this weekend, but take care out there.

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    Gosh it was scarily windy last night! Luckily for us it seems to have blown a load of leaves OUT of our garden, so that will save DH a job later.

    We're going to go to the garden centre later for a coffee and a browse at all the Christmas stuff.

    I saw a wreath making kit in the Co-op of all places. I'm considering buying it for DD. I've been wanting to do a wreath making workshop for years, but they are quite expensive and always fully booked anyway. I wonder if Kirstie's Handmade Christmas is on this year - we used to love watching that.

    Mouse, you'e changed! You're all Christmasy now!

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    Good evening!

    Last night i went out to collect DD from dancing, ( in wind and rain ) and then, whilst i sat in my car for 5 minutes and checked emails ... it absolutely threw it down with snow! my windscreen was covered !!! it carried on for an hour or so, then thankfully stopped! I do like the snow ... but not when i've got things to do !!! It was very windy and squally with heavy rain overnight. lots of trees/branches down in the area around us this morning, and some localised flooding.

    I've had a busy day running a stall at a local christmas market - but it was good fun, and I even had my first mince pie!

    Busy day tomorrow with it being Advent Sunday, and then Christingle in the evening. DD has panto rehearsal all day, and DH is planning to meet some friends ( weather permitting! ). I need to get my minded childrens advent craft calendar sorted and ready to go, and i need to sort through all the bits i've got for everyone, to check i've actually got what i think i've got, and that i haven't got, what i think i need to get !!!!

    take care and stay safe xxx

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    Happy Sunday morning everyone!

    We have been lucky and escaped most of the bad weather, we mainly got heavy rain. Both DSs live Yorkshire way and they had snow yesterday.

    We went to the local garden centre yesterday and it was quite disappointing, walked away without buying anything. We had quite a relaxed day ended up watching some naff Netflix film in the afternoon. No plans as such for today apart from getting a few bits ready for the week, it's the sane every year I think I will be all organised with activities for the children then suddenly its December!

    DH has gone off to get his booster hopefully he won't be too long, he did have an appointment this morning which got cancelled yesterday so he has gone to the walk-in vaccination centre as we thought it wouldn't be too busy on a wet Sunday morning

    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Pixie Dust



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Welcome to a very wet and windy weekend Welcome to a very wet and windy weekend Welcome to a very wet and windy weekend

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