Good evening Friday
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    Default Good evening Friday

    Hopefully you've all finished for the weekend, or at least you're counting down the last few minutes until you're done.

    I haven't got up to much today. I had my covid booster last night and have had a pounding headache all day. I've spent the day pottering round to keep busy, but plan to go to bed early and hope it goes after a good night's sleep.

    What's everyone got planned for the weekend? DD and I are going to a craft fair tomorrow. The ones I went to last weekend weren't very good so I'm hoping tomorrow's is better. Last week I did see some lovely little felt ornaments that I'm sure I could make, so sometime over the weekend I'm going to get my sewing stuff out and see what I come up with. Even if they're not very good, I'm sure the children will play with them

    Enjoy the rest of your evening and get ready to put your feet up for the weekend

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    I quite fancy a craft fair too Mouse. I'll have to have a google for some local ones.

    We've got a quiz at 7 tonight for DD's school It's online and was a laugh last time, even though DD and I came last! DH is joining us this time, so we should do better.

    I only had one in again today as they have all been dropping like flies. He's my best sleeper - will usually have three hours no problem. So, I had planned to get lots of admin done - because although he sleeps the afternoon away, I usually have other ones pottering around. Typically, he woke up after an hour today!
    I was trying to get my safeguarding audit done - I'm not sure if it's a national or local audit, but it took bloomin' ages and most of the questions were totally aimed at schools.

    Hope your headache clears up Mouse.

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    Hope your head has cleared up Mouse.

    Maza hope your quiz went well. We had to do a safeguarding audit too they are time consumimg. I have done 2 now as our LA seems to do them every 3 years.

    It's a quiet weekend here as DH is travelling back from work today after doing 3 weeks away. I have a few jobs at home to do then my dad has asked me to take him to the shop. Tomorrow we will probably go out for a coffee. I have probably said before but DH works nights so it takes him while to get back in to a 'normal' sleep pattern.

    Have fun whatever you get up to!
    Pixie Dust



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