Is it really only Tuesday?
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    Default Is it really only Tuesday?


    How's your day been? It's been busy here and I'm shattered again tonight. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I know I've only got 2 more working days this week, but just one more would be better!

    Despite it being a busy day, it has been a good day. The children played nicely (mostly) and the day went quickly. We went to the library this morning and put in an order for some Christmas board books. The staff in the library are really good and request books for us. I just tell them what sort I want and they let me know when they're in.

    This evening is Holby & Bake Off night, so I'm getting ready to settle down and watch those. I see I'm A Celebrity is starting soon. Does anyone watch it? I used to like it, but haven't watching it for quite a few years now. It's one of those programmes that really should have been stopped a long time ago! The only good thing about it is that it means we're well on our way to Christmas

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    I've had today off, and am really not ready to work tomorrow ( or the rest of the week! )

    I've had a family give notice for the new year, and I've left messages for people on my waiting list ... and no one has got back to me yet! I do have a couple of people who would like just a day, but I'd rather try and fill both days with same child.

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    Morning, hopefully the rest of the week goes quickly for you. Wednesday is my last working day this week!

    We had a nice morning mostly in the garden yesterday and will be off to toddler group today. My LO hasn't started until 9.45 this week so I've had a bit of time to tidy up and get invoices sorted.

    I've never watched I'm a Celebrity. I'm pretty sure it's on when I'm in bed!

    I did get some of my Christmas resources out yesterday! Since I'm only childminding two days a week at the moment, I think it's ok to start being festive!



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Is it really only Tuesday? Is it really only Tuesday? Is it really only Tuesday?

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