Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    It’s another cold start to the day. I might have to start setting the heating to switch on in the morning before I get up. The bathroom is particularly cold and I never want to get out of the warm shower in the morning

    Today we’re finishing off our firework pictures. The children have already done the painting, so today we’re adding glitter - my favourite part! What are your thoughts on fireworks? I love watching them, but I know a lot of people don’t like them, especially when they have pets. We don’t have fireworks at home, apart from sparklers for my grandson. I begrudge spending the money on them, especially when I can just stand in the back garden and watch everyone else’s

    Right, I’ve finished my coffee so I’m off to run the hoover round and mop the kitchen floor. I don’t have children here till 9am but I want to get an online food shop done before they start arriving.

    Enjoy your days everyone

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    Good morning.
    We've been to a bookstart storytime at the library with friends and had a lovely morning. They are now playing outside in the very full watertray and very soggy sandtray!

    We're going to do some rangoli pictures later, and maybe make some Dija, but as they are busy, I'm not interrupting them.

    I love fireworks, but there are very few organised events anywhere close to us here, and I don't think you should be able to just buy them and set them off in your garden. I found some sparklers that DD and I might use tomorrow night ..
    I suspect she has 'insta' picture plans

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    I love watching fireworks, but do feel so sorry for all the pets and wild/farm animals.

    We all made a lentil curry this morning for our lunch. It was lovely. Some of us have also made chapatis, but a couple of children are in bed, so they'll make theirs when they wake up and have their late lunch.

    Then I've got one who just needs to add some sequins/jewels to his glass jar tea light and another who only comes once a week, so I'm debating whether to put out the firework picture activity that we all did yesterday, or start a tealight with her. Yesterday, my porch floor was covered in glitter from sending home the firework pictures!

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    I love watching fireworks especially the ones at Disney. When my two were little I used to love taking them to the local display we never had fireworks at home. I do feel sorry for the animals though as it does stress them out, our old dog was never bothered by them and our one now was just a pup last year, I don't remember him being that bothered about them.

    We have had quite a busy day doing various crafts and activities but the day seemed to go on forever, not sure if its due to the weather as it seems to have been raining non stop here for 2 days.
    Pixie Dust

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