Good afternoon Friday
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    Default Good afternoon Friday

    I was up and out early this morning as I had a doctor's appointment, then DH & I took our grandson out for breakfast. Afterwards we nipped to get a bit of shopping. Despite me telling GS we were just dashing in and out and only grabbing what we needed, he ended up with a squishy toy, a bath bomb and a hot chocolate bomb. Not quite essentials, but he was sure he needed them

    He's now gone out with his dad, so I'm catching up on some paperwork and getting a few jobs done while the house is quiet.

    While we were out I bought some sweets for the trick & treaters at the weekend. I have to be honest, I'd forgotten it was Halloween! I did activities with the minded children last week and sent their craft bits home last Friday, so it had gone out of my mind. I'd have felt bad if children started to arrive and I was having to hunt round for something to give them - it's happened before

    Enjoy the rest of your day and have a good weekend. Don't eat too many sweets

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    I've packed all my Halloween stuff away. This year it just looked like clutter, probably because DD has grown out of it.

    DH went to Ikea this morning and bought me a flisat table!! I've wanted one for ages but they were never in stock. I have to say, it's a bit bigger than we all expected and it looks a bit domineering in my playroom, which is long and narrow. DH and DD are a bit cross with me - it's not something I can put away at the weekends like my other tables. If it was for my own children, I would have it in the living room or kitchen where it would be more in proportion.

    I have one today who wears washable nappies, and so I just bag up the wipes and put them in my special bin outside. I have a hook on the wall outside my patio doors and if I can't get to the bin immediately, I hang it on there until everyone is napping, and then I take the bag round to the bin. Anyway, today it was really windy, and the bag with just wipes in it blew off the hook and into my neighbours garden! Fortunately they were out and DH managed to fish it back out with a broom handle! Never a dull moment.

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