Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    The children are just eating their snack so I’ve come on here quickly to say hello.

    How’s your week going? This is my last day of work this week as I managed to wangle and extra day off by swapping a couple of children’s days. I was supposed to be going out with my son tomorrow but my foot is still a bit sore so I’m not sure how far we’ll get. At least I can get my shoe on now though so that’s an improvement!

    Did anyone still watching Bake Off? I’m enjoying it now that I’ve got more into it, though there can’t be all that many weeks left. I did try watching the woodworking one last week, but probably won’t bother with it again.

    Pixie Dust did you watch Holby? I think I’ve just about given up with that now, which is a shame after I’ve watched it for so long.

    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone

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    Gosh Mouse, you really did injure yourself! Hope you feel better soon.

    We had to wait in for a little one who was running late, so we didn't bother going out anywhere in the end as he didn't get here until 10. We had quite a big day out yesterday so I was more than happy to do a quieter day today.

    A couple of my parents are slightly irritating me today. You know when they casually mention something and you wonder if they are really dropping a massive hint (re nap times/food)?

    I've got the day off tomorrow to spend time with DD, but we have no idea what to do. She is quite happy to go clothes shopping, but I feel a bit like we ought to do something a bit more special. but what? I'm not too sure what almost teenagers enjoy, and she seems to have no clue either.

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    I'm sitting in an auditorium watching a dance competition !

    Back to work tomorrow and no idea what we're doing! My friend has just shown me photos of her pumpkins outside her house, so we might go on a pumpkin hunt!

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    I have the week off and we've been busy with people staying with us. We've had visits to our local beaches and into Liverpool to visit some museums. We're all quite tired now, but have a couple of my kids' friends over in the next couple of days.

    I'm enjoying Bake Off, although we're a week behind!



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