Good morning Tuesday
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    Default Good morning Tuesday

    It's dull and raining this morning and I'm not feeling very motivated to do anything. Hopefully the children will bring enough energy to get me going

    I haven't made any firm plans for today. We're just going to go with the flow and see where the day takes us. I have messaged the parents and asked them to send wellies with the children, so we should be able to go out. A couple of the girls have been coming in beautiful, but totally impractical shoes. They wouldn't last a minute in wet and muddy puddles!

    It's Holby and Bake Off this evening, so that's my viewing sorted. I have got into Bake Off a bit more now, although I still don't know any of their names. I saw another programme advertised the other day. It's a wood working one. I suppose we've had baking, sewing, pottery and jewellery making competitions, so making wooden things is probably a logical next step.

    Have good days everyone.

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    Bit of a hectic morning for no real reason. One of mine was very impatient at breakfast and was making a fuss to get down from his highchair. Then my older one spilt his drink everywhere and cried. We did painting straight after breakfast - sometimes it goes quite smoothly, but today it didn't. Each time I had washed one of the children they went back to touch the paint and one was eating the paint etc. Oh well, the pictures look 'nice' and are done now! I let them watch Baby Club on tv while I collected myself and popped everything away. They are all getting a bit fidgety now though, so we had better get outside.

    We just used Halloween colours today to do free painting (not that the children know or care what Halloween colours are). When they are dry, we are just going to stick some Halloween stickers on the paintings and I'll name them as we stick - spiders, ghosts etc. I want to use up my bits and bobs from my Halloween stuff and try and condense two boxes down to one.

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    Thats a nice idea Maza.... might pinch it!

    It is a wet drizzly day here too! we went to a coffee morning at a friends church, and back to her's for a little play. Home for lunch and 3 asleep with 4th happily and quietly playing dollies!

    I'm not motivated at all either!

    I'm digging a game for when we get home from school called 'hullabaloo' ... a 'machine' tells you what colour or activity mat to stand on, and gives you things to do ... am thinking that my reception boys will probably have been stuck inside all day and will need to work off some energy !!!


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    It's a wild windy day here! I had two this morning and now just one until we head out on the school run! We did some painting this morning and have been outside in the garden. I find it difficult to really plan anything for Mon/Tues as two of three are under 18 months, I feel a large part of the day is taken up by naps/milk and nappies

    Mouse What do you think about the latest past character being brought back to Holby? I wonder how many more they will bring back.
    Pixie Dust



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