Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    I’m just grabbing a couple of minutes while the children are having a drink and some toast.

    Thursday is a busy day with 4 children here. Three of them are well settled and play beautifully. The fourth is relatively new and only comes one day a week, so hasn’t quite learned the ‘rules’ yet. She’s a lovely child, but a little whirlwind, disturbing the other children’s play and generally causing chaos Although she’s a year younger than the others she’s as big as they are and sometimes doesn’t know her own strength when she goes bulldozing her way through their games. She certainly keeps me on my toes!

    After snack time we’re going into the garden till lunchtime. It’s relatively mild today so we might even have lunch outside. I think there’s something quite nice about getting wrapped up warm and eating outside.

    This evening DH and I are going out for tea. He’s decided he wants a burger so we’ll have to make sure we go somewhere that does fancy burgers! There’s a nice place near Ikea so I might persuade him to go there…then we can nip in to Ikea as well

    Enjoy your days everyone

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    enjoy your burger and Ikea Mouse!!!

    We went for a walk in a local nature reserve and collected leaves to make crowns. Despite using rather sticky, double sided sticky tape, the leaves are a touch damp and and don't want to stick! think I'm going have to staple them. It was lovely being outside in the sun and we didn't see another soul. We had our snack there too.

    We had an early lunch and one of mine was soooo tired and grizzly, it wasn't a moment too soon. All gone down for a nap, but the tired one is still awake So i'm sitting with laptop in corner of the room to 'encourage' them to lie still and nod off!
    We've got a KS2 school harvest festival later at church which we'll go to. It was EYFS/KS1 at school earlier, and i couldn't face being jammed in the school hall with lots of parents and children with the minded children, as I am avoiding busy/crowded places ( I did make sure that all my minded children had a parent attending so i didn't NEED to be there ) not nearly so many parents attend KS2 event, plus church is bigger with more space/height, so it feels safer.

    I had a request for popcorn for pudding tonight, so i've made some toffee popcorn, but we'll make the 'plain' hot and fresh at teatime. dilema is going to be 'what do i do with left over toffee sauce? i made too much, and if i'm not careful i will just EAT it! DD would have it on icecream or yogurt, but she is working from 6pm, and doesn't like to eat much before she goes. ( mainly because the chef always cooks the waitresses chips! )

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    We had a lovely morning at a local pumpkin patch, it was lovely and quiet, I can imagine it being very busy over the weekend.

    Loocyloo our school didn't allow parents/carers to their Harvest Festival last week, pre Covid it used to be held in the local church but they held it at school for pupils only. It is understandable as there has been a few confirmed cases in the school the last couple of weeks.

    Mouse I wished we lived closed to Ikea, I used to always visit Ikea when we visited DS2 at uni, he is still at uni as doing a Masters equivalent but last year we didn't visit due to the restrictions and not been up yet this year as he made his own back after the summer break. On a positive side think how much money I have saved myself
    Pixie Dust

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    Apart from the money I would spend, I would love to live near an Ikea. And Hobbycraft.

    We've had a garden morning. My last one arrived at 8.30 and then my first one was leaving at 9.20 to go for an appointment. He was back just after 10, but it wasn't really worth going out then, as one has to have a nap at around 11.

    I've got one off today. He vomited yesterday morning, just once, and mum is convinced it was travel sickness (they do have a long journey here). I did ask her to do the 48 hour rule though, even though he is totally fine, so I said as a one off they could do tomorrow instead. I know, I'm a wuss and hope I haven't set up an expectation.

    I've just been deleting some photos off my phone. I've got so many from over the years (of family) and keep meaning to get rid of some to clear up some space. It felt good, but I've a long way to go!



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