Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    This week is going so slowly. I was sure it was Thursday today.

    We've got another sunny day, but it is cold. I'm all for keeping the room ventilated, but I have shut the window for a bit, just to let the room warm up. The children don't seem to notice the cold, but I do!

    Did anyone watch Bake Off last night? I went to watch it on C4+1, but there was some random programme on instead. Last week there was no programme on at all, then this week the info said it was Bake Off, but it wasn't. I saw on social media who had gone home, so I probably don't need to watch it now!

    This morning I've had a message to say that someone at a meeting I went to on Friday has tested positive for covid. Apparently we don't count as close contacts, despite having been in the same room for almost 3 hours! I'm not worried about it as I know the chance of me getting it again are slight, but some of the other attendees are a bit concerned as they haven't had it yet. I'll just keep doing my lateral flow tests and hope for the best! I'm glad the rules have changed so that I don't have to isolate.

    Have fun today, whatever you're up to

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    Morning! My grizzler (who doesn't grizzle any more to be fair) isn't in today. Whilst he doesn't grizzle, he does climb, put things in his mouth, stands on resources and always seems to be heading towards things I would rather he didn't. I hate to say it, but I am so much more relaxed without him, bless him. I've been able to give my other two much more of my attention today.

    Hope you're okay Mouse. It is a relief now that we don't have to isolate every two minutes. My niece has just tested positive and she was in a car with my elderly mum at the weekend, so we're all crossing our fingers that she hasn't passed it on.

    Haven't watched Bake Off at all, but we are watching The Squid Game. I hate to admit that I am enjoying it. It's another dark one and I never used to like stuff like that.

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    Morning! It's a chilly one this morning.

    Fingers crossed that your mum keeps well Maza. Mouse I think they only go back 48 hrs for close contacts.

    I need to catch up with Bake off as missed it last night.

    We are having a quiet morning indoors as DH is fixing the decking this morning as one little area has gone rotten so not safe for the children. I am undecided about what to do with the garden long term as we have decking as you step out the back door where the children play, I am thinking about pulling it all up and just put paving slabs down as the decking gets slippery when its damp and then we can't use it but I worry about scrapped knees etc if they fall on the slabs.

    Have a great Wednesday whatever you get up too!
    Pixie Dust

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    Cold but bright here. We went for a walk with friends and collected leaves this morning.

    2 asleep ... well, 1 asleep, and the other chatting in the buggy!
    3rd mindee and I are going to paint the clay leaf pots we've made in a moment.

    Bake off was on, but I was on the phone to my mum, so not really watching.

    Hope you're OK Mouse, and that your mum doesn't get it Maza. X



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