Good morning Tuesday
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    Default Good morning Tuesday

    Good morning everyone.

    We’ve got a cold, but sunny start to the day so we’ll be out in the garden once all the children are here. Apart from our trips to the library (when we’re usually the only ones in the children’s section), I’m still avoiding taking the children far from home. As well as covid, we’ve got chicken pox, HFM, a sickness bug and the usual colds doing the rounds locally, so we’re staying away from other children as much as possible!

    It’s Bake Off tonight so I will try and watch it. I had said I wasn’t really getting into this series, but I caught up with last week’s episode on Sunday and I was more interested. Did anyone watch Angela Black on Sunday? I quite enjoyed that so set a series link to record it in case I forget it this week

    Enjoy your days

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    We've got a misty drizzly day here. We are popping to library in a moment. Just summoning up the energy!
    My grizzler is now fine at drop off ... but hates having a nappy change ... still whinging about it 15 mins later! It never made any difference if I comforted or not, so now I leave them to it!

    Just had a mum ask me at school when her child can start wrap around ... I said I didn't have any spaces and she told me she'd seen me without any children yesterday and I obviously just didn't want her child! I said I was sorry, but I don't work Mondays, and I was full as I have age restrictions by law. The teacher joined in and said she knew I was full and that if I had space, she was sure I'd consider the child!

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    Gosh loocyloo, how silly of the mum!

    It does make me laugh when they think that they will just be entitled to a space if we have one.

    We've been rolling napkin rings up and down my hallway this morning. My three absolutely love that. Shortly we're going to go in the garden again for another 'training' session, for want of a better word. Two of them are good, but my third one senses danger or out of bounds areas and heads straight there. I end up keeping him in line instead of interacting with my others.

    Pixie - I hope you have a good day - isn't today you have your grizzler/climber?

    Right, I need to change someone's nappy - I've just got to figure out who it is!

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    We have had a showery day but did mange to get outside for a little while, just takes a while to get all suited up and wellies on.

    Maza I have my climber 3 days a week alongside my other little one two days(mon/tues), my climber is a happy little soul, my week gets better as the days go by as the beginning is busy then by Friday am I am down to 1.

    Mouse we have chicken pox and some viral thing doing the rounds.

    Loocyloo I am sure people do not understand what we do, I had my full quota tonight and one mum said 'oh my' as we walked past. I was very proud of how well everyone walked back home. I have siblings that only do one or two nights a week depending on mum's rota, it's very rare all my after schools ones all the do the same evening for example tomorrow I will only have 2 older ones and the little ones will have all gone home.
    Pixie Dust

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