Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    It's the middle of the week already. This week is going quickly for me. Only tomorrow to go (for me) and that's the first week of the school holidays gone!

    Today and tomorrow I think we're playing "dodge the rain showers". It was forecast heavy rain for the next few days, but that's changed now to rain on and off. I might have to change some of my outdoor plans for this week. We were going to have a teddy bear's picnic tomorrow but I think we'll save that till next week now.

    Yesterday we went for a walk to the library to return our books, including one that I found on the bookcase from November 2019! I was really disappointed to see they've now stopped people going into the library. There was a man sitting at the door, taking books in and handing out reserved books, but we couldn't actually go in to chose our own books. I did ask why but he wasn't very helpful. He just said they're not opening fully yet, although they had been before. It's a bit daft because I'd had an email through saying they were extending their opening hours. The email didn't say anything about extending hours, but not allowed in!

    Last night I stayed up late again watching the Olympics. I'm enjoying the gymnastics and it's nice to see GB getting some medals. It does mean I'm tired every morning but it's not on for long so I'll survive

    Enjoy your days everyone.

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    I miss our old library. Where I live now is just a bit too far away from the library, so I'm not sure I'll ever go with the mindees, which is such a shame. It was pretty much at the end of my road where I used to live and so not only did we go to get books, but we attended so many free events there over the years.

    This morning we've played with gloop again and this time we added some dried herbs from my stash of out of date herbs and spices. We've also played with empty plastic bottles and matchsticks - they spent ages posting the match/craft sticks into the bottles. One's fast asleep and the other is having a quiet play before he goes down too.

    I think one of mine has got a rotation schema going on, so I'm going to look in my schema book and see what activities/resources I can put together for him.

    Mouse I still haven't seen any of the gymnastics this year and I'm sad about that as I love it. Typically I missed team GB getting a medal. I'm very sad to hear that Simone Biles has dropped out due to mental health problems. She's had a tough life and seems like a nice girl, plus, she's so exciting and dynamic to watch.

    Yesterday, someone gave me some old childminding books. I hadn't realised how times have moved on in terms of books like this - no colour photographs, just lots of reading. I'm finding it hard to engage with it, I need images!



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