Good evening Friday
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    Default Good evening Friday

    Hopefully you've all finished for the weekend, or will be finishing very soon.

    I seem to have had a busy day, without actually achieving much. I had a bit of a lie in, then jumped in the shower before I had a Zoom meeting. I timed it so I'd just have time to dry my hair before the meeting started, only to find that the hairdryer was broken. It meant I had to sit through the meeting with wet hair - not the professional look I wanted to give The meeting was recorded but lucking only the audio and not the video!

    After that I went to do a quick food shop before collecting my grandson from school. As it was hot we came home and had ice lollies in the garden. It was lovely sitting outside, until he wanted me to play football with him. I really am very unfit

    I've now got the house to myself for the rest of the evening. I'm going to make myself a stir-fry for dinner, then give a friend a call. We haven't managed to have a catch-up for ages so it'll be lovely to have a nice long chat, especially as DH won't keep tutting at me for being too loud

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Time to put your feet up ready for the weekend

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    We've had a lovely day playing, and then after school my 2 new schoolies for September came for a play. Everyone got on well and chatted, so that was good. It's very muggy, and I've been waiting for rain all day!

    Just had a manic tidy up, and my aunt and uncle are coming over. They are on holiday about an hour away, and rang to see if we could meet up. Can't wait to see them ... it's been almost 3 yrs! We would have had a family do last v summer, but for obvious reasons we didn't!

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    Ooooh Loocyloo, enjoy time with your aunt and uncle.

    Mouse, enjoy your phonecall - I don't think I do phonecalls anymore!

    I am exhausted. This is my first full week with all of my new mindees in. Last week should have been my first week, but my original mindee was off sick for three days. I'm cream crackered and totally behind on the laundry and general chores. I've just tidied the playroom away and walked the dog and I am more than ready for my weekend.

    This weekend DH is going to be working on our bedroom and DD wants to go for a walk in the forest somewhere. We'll obviously watch the final on Sunday.

    Happy Friday everyone.



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