Good afternoon Wednesday
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    Default Good afternoon Wednesday

    We lasted outside as long as we could this afternoon, but the rain is coming down heavily now and puddle jumping has lost it's sparkle!

    We're back indoors. The children are chilling and playing happily, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I don't do school runs so haven't got to go out in the downpour.

    Today we've had our 'England' day. The children have come dressed in red and white clothes, we've played football and we've decorated biscuits in white and red icing. It's been fun and we've had traditional English weather (rain) to add authenticity!

    Will anyone be watching the match tonight? We'll have it on and I'll be aware of what's happening, but I won't be watching it intently. Having said that, I'll hardly be able to ignore it with all the shouting DH will no doubt be doing!

    Has anyone been watching the tennis? I always used to like watching it, but caught a bit the other day and realised I don't even know the names of the players these days. I still recognise the 'oldies' but I wouldn't have a clue who the newer ones are.

    Enjoy the rest of the day and, if you're going out on a school run, I hope you stay dry!

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    No school runs here today!

    No rain either though! It's quite muggy.

    We went to the farm this morning and had fun feeding the animals. We met a jackdaw who is being trained, and a barn owl . We were allowed to stroke him. He was soooo soft. And then ... very excitingly,, we brought home our new baby guinea pigs! They ate very soft and cute!

    We've been playing with the playdough all afternoon.

    DH will be watching the football and tennis. I won't be watching either!

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    We had a morning in the garden. It was lovely weather - dry but not too hot/sunny. We were having a lovely time until mindee tripped and banged his face on the edge of the sand box. He's got a deep red mark on his cheekbone which will no doubt bruise. I hate that part of the job. She's a new mum here so I don't know how she will react. I'm going to text her shortly to give her the heads up so that she doesn't get a shock when she sees him. Three accident forms in a week (three separate mindees) - that's a record for me. The other two were just minor scratches and the mums were great.

    We copied you Mouse and made England flags today.

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    It's stayed dry here so we have mainly been outside, we had coloured water and pipettes and we dug up some more potatoes that we ate at lunch time.

    Mouse I normally love watching Wimbledon and it's on my wish list to go and have the whole Wimbledon experience but this year I haven't been so interested and haven't watched one game.

    I will be watching the match later but if it goes to extra time I won't be as that my bed time
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