Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    The sun is shining so everything feels good

    One of the children won’t be here until quite late today so we’re playing in the garden till they get here then we’ll go for a walk if there’s time before lunch. No doubt we’ll head back to the building site as the children really enjoyed it yesterday. I got the idea from Maza as well Where I live we haven’t really got any nice walking areas close by so it’s good to have something interesting to go and look at.

    With everyone talking about holidays yesterday, I suggested to DH that we ought to start looking for somewhere to go when we’ve got a week off in August. Typically, the prices are astronomical so we’re having a rethink. A couple of years ago, when MIL was ill, we couldn’t go away for a full week so split the week up into a few separate nights away. That way we could keep coming back to check on her but still got to go places. It meant a lot of driving backwards and forwards but it was actually quite nice having days out or one night stop overs. I might suggest something like that again.

    That’s the last child just arrived so we’re off to hunt down the diggers and cranes! Have a good day everyone

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    Oh I hope you find somewhere Mouse.

    We've just got back from the field again. We parked the buggy under a big tree in the shade, but of course they kept gravitating towards the sun. I get so paranoid when they are in the sun. New mindee fell asleep on the short journey home, so that's his routine up the swanny for today.

    We have new opposite neighbours moving in today. I'm sure all the other neighbours (and us) will be doing lots of curtain twitching today! It's a family house, so I hope they have a (nice) child close to DD's age.

    Have a lovely day everyone.

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    Good luck holiday hunting Mouse.

    My brother in law and his wife have been looking for places to stay ... they ended up using airbnb but finding little pubs in random spots, and doing a couple of nights in each and finding local beauty spots to visit. Sounds really nice!

    Hope your new neighbours are nice Maza.

    We had a lovely day, as i didn't have a school run and therefore a time constraint, we went to the farm we love to visit, and very excitingly, was shown the new guinea pig babies, and 2 of them will be coming to live with me in a few weeks . AND my new starter who was very miserable yesterday was chilled and happy, and even went off to play when we got home ! ( and then dad picked up and said they were not impressed at being left with dad at all ! ... so that makes me feel better! )

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