It's the weekend!
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    Default It's the weekend!

    This weekend is flying by, although I have been very productive and have got a lot done over the last couple of days. Hopefully I'll be able to put my feet up tomorrow!

    Last night DH and the boys went out to watch the football, so I had the house to myself. I was looking forward to a peaceful evening, but ended up doing some sorting out and didn't actually sit down till 9.30pm. Less than an hour later and DH was back home. So much for a quiet evening to myself! I had expected him to stop out later, but he says he's too old for that now

    Has anyone got anything nice planned for tomorrow for Father's Day? It's not something we particularly bother with. Our children will no doubt come round to see DH, but now that they're all older and most don't live at home, it's not something I'm really involved in. Other than a quick reminder that it's Father's Day, I don't need to do anything.

    Whatever you're doing tomorrow, have a good day. Hopefully the sun will come back for a while

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    We said the same about today as it is the evening already! I had a new parent visit this morning and she was very keen to sign up there and then! We had a few errands to run and I ended up visiting the local charity shop and was very pleased to pick up some little expresso coffee cups that my 4 year olds will be able to use as they are very much in to playing cafes at the moment and I was very happy to pick up as stainless steel sauce boat to match our gravy boat ...simple things make me happy

    tomorrow we are going out to lunch with my step daughter, we should have been sitting outside but the weather is not looking too good so we have been moved to indoor seating.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend !
    Pixie Dust

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    Yesterday I had one of my new mindees round for a two hour settling in session. No tears so that was great. Oh my goodness though, he has ants in his pants and didn't sit/stand still for a minute. Then, because I had a rare afternoon off, DH and I went into town. We had a lovely explore - we haven't really explored our new town as we went into lockdown shortly after moving here. We went down narrow alleyways and found lots of lovely little independent shops and quirky buildings. We had lunch sitting outside a lovely restaurant. It was the most chilled and relaxed we have both been in a long time.

    Today, DD and I went into town. We had a good browse in the library and bought some second hand books - 10p each!!! She totally fleeced me in the sewing/craft shop and then we sat outside and had a milkshake. It's so nice being able to do things again isn't it?

    Pixie dust, I'm still looking for a gravy boat in the charity shops! Well done on signing up a new parent.

    I think I am getting too grumpy in my old age. I always ask parents to provide nappies and wipes, no problem ever. One of my new parents has provided nappies and told me that they don't use wipes, just loo roll. They haven't provided loo roll though. Obviously once the children are toilet trained I provide loo roll and wouldn't dream of asking them to provide their own, but it kind of irritates me that I go through a lot of loo roll for each soiled nappy. I'm happy because it's better for the environment, but I can't help feeling that I would have sent in a loo roll if I was the parent. Maybe I'm just mean. One of the other new parents is doing a settling in session next Saturday. Silly me just assumed that we would get it over with in the morning, but she is being gently forceful about doing it at 3pm-4pm because baba's nap time is 11 - 1pm, and then he'll have to have his lunch. I don't feel like my weekend can begin until I've got the settling in session done, but maybe sometimes you just have to make sacrifices when you are self employed...



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