Good afternoon Monday
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    Default Good afternoon Monday

    It's my first day back after my week off and I'm glad to see the sun is still here. I had worried we'd be back to rain this week! We've spent a lovely morning in the garden and I now have some very tired children eating lunch. The younger ones look like they'll have an afternoon nap and even the older ones look ready for some quiet time.

    While I was off last week I had a bit of a sort out and rearranged how I set out the toys. It's been interesting to see how the children have reacted and what they've chosen to play with. While we've been indoors they've definitely played much better than they had been doing. I think they were bored with the set up so it's been good to change things up a bit. The only thing they've completely ignored are my beautiful Grapat & Grimms peg people! I thought they looked lovely and inviting but they obviously don't. It does make me wonder how much the children ever play with some of the lovely Instagram set ups you see. Once the children have gone home I'll pack the people away again and look for something else to go on the shelf.

    Enjoy your days everyone

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    Hope it wasn't too much of a shock getting back in to work mode Mouse, it's always hard after a week off. We have been out in the garden this morning and may take a walk to the beach this afternoon as only have 2 today especially after being so busy last week.

    I do like it when I have a change around with the toys as the children are always so excited so see toys they haven't played with for a while. I do feel that things are getting a bit cluttered again so will have to have a sort out but I have really problem with finding places to store stuff when it's not been used. I do agree with you about the instagram set ups sometimes I think they must spend more time setting it all up than the children actually play with it. If I set things up it doesn't stay like I planned for more than minutes.

    Enjoy the weather x
    Pixie Dust

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    sounds like you've all been having fun. I met a friend for coffee and am in the middle of sorting/decluttering my playroom ... although i can't find anything i don't want !!! it all just needs putting away again! I'm also on hold with pacey to renew my membership, as for some reason it can't be done online at the moment. heyho .... i've got until 22nd June!

    I'm hoping the sun stays around this week, as it was so lovely to just be outside all the time!



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