Good morning Friday
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    Default Good morning Friday

    Good morning everyone!

    I had a much needed lie in this morning and I’m planning a lazy day. I feel much better than I did earlier in the week, but still nowhere near 100%, so I’m not going to start dashing around like I normally do on my day off. I’ve got a couple of magazines I’ve not had chance to look at yet, so I’m going to read, drink coffee, eat biscuits and snuggle under my blanket all day!

    Has anyone made any plans for after restrictions are relaxed again on Monday? DH and I are looking forward to being able to go for a meal out, although we haven’t booked anywhere yet. I know we could have sat outside to eat over the last few weeks, but with the weather we’ve had, that idea didn’t really appeal to either of us. I’m also looking forward to taking my grandson to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit 2. It was due to be released about the time we went into the first lockdown and I had hoped they’d put it straight to TV instead, which sadly they didn’t. At the time Peter Rabbit was one of his favourite films and we were excited about the second one. I don’t think he’s quite as enthusiastic now, but I want to see it so he’ll have to go with me

    Enjoy your Friday. The weekend’s nearly here!

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    Glad you're feeling better Mouse.
    It's overcast here, but not cold as such. We've been out at the zoo, but come home for naps and a rest. 1 Mindee said maybe we could go back later, but I don't have the energy! The boys were very excited to chat to the big cat keeper .. all about his wheelbarrow full of poo!!! Highlight of the day going to find 'poo in the zoo' to read! Not quite sure how to extend their learning / follow their interest in/about poo! Am going to try to link it to worms and make our wormery

    DD is about to go back to work as a Waitress. Where she works has a new menu and it was one of mine and DHs favourite places to go ... but she doesn't want us to go when she's working .... she finishes school at half term, so will be working more, so we're going to have to squeeze a quick visit in before then we've had one meal out, outside a pub, under a shelter with a heater, but it was still cold. Can't wait to actually sit inside, or indeed, actually make the choice to sit outside.

    I'm not sure I'm quite ready for the cinema yet. I wanted to see Blythe Spirit which was due out about this time last year, but I think it went straight to sky, which we don't have. I haven't taken much notice of film releases since last April!

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    Hope you have had a relaxing day Mouse. We have had a 'Hygge' day as we had a pyjama day for The Book Trust so we have been in our pjs all day, we have had cosy dens to share stories then this afternoon we had hot chocolate and cookies which was a special treat for us.

    My DS1 said him and his girlfriend may come home for the Bank holiday weekend at the end of the month as they will be able to stay overnight, they had said about staying in a hotel but the prices have gone up so much it's crazy!

    I know I am going to be a lot busier after school as two families work in business's that haven't been able to open until next week so they will be back, it will be lovely to see them but I really enjoy the fact that it's lovely a quiet most afternoons at the moment with one little one and one after school from 3pm.

    Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to, the weather isn't looking too great here.
    Pixie Dust

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