Good afternoon Wednesday
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    Default Good afternoon Wednesday

    Good afternoon everyone. How's your morning been?

    I'm feeling really unwell so we've had an easy morning. Luckily the children have been absolute stars and have played wonderfully with minimal input from me. I've got a 4 year old mother hen here today and she's loved being in charge, supervising tidying up, handing out drinks etc. She's earned herself a well deserved shiny sticker!

    It's good that I finish early today so I can head off to bed as soon as everyone's gone home. Then tomorrow is a quiet day as one of the children won't be here. I can drag myself through to my day off on Friday.

    The weather's been lovely today with a bright blue sky and the sun shining through the clouds. The children have had a good play outside while I've sat in the deckchair, feeling sorry for myself! We had a couple of squirrels chasing around and the children loved watching them. They did come quite close to us, but one of the children kept squealing with excitement and frightening them away!

    Enjoy the rest of your day

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    Oh Mouse, so sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly and bless your 'mother hen'. Hope you feel better soon.

    I've developed a raging ear ache in the last half hour. Luckily today is my quiet day and no school run, with 1 going home in half an hour and the other 2 potter happily .

    We went to feed the ducks this morning. One mummy duck kept coming really close with her duckling, who then kept sitting at the side of our feet, like he sat next to mummy duck. I was petrified my littlest one would tread on it! 20210512_101927.jpg

    We then found lots of wild garlic and have just made scones with it now we're home! Smells wonderful, but very garlicy!

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    Oh Mouse, hope you are in bed right now and looking after yourself.

    Loocyloo, gorgeous photo, and how lovely to use the garlic you found to make scones! Hope your ear gets better soon.

    Pixie Dust - was it you asking about podcasts/webinars? As well as the hygge ones, I also put on Sarah's webinars - I've only recently become a gold member so I have been working my way through the old ones as well as the current ones. I listen to Nadia Sawahla (spelling?) and her husband's 'coffee moaning' and a couple of the cookery videos on there amongst other things - it's youtube rather than a podcast. It's not everyone's cup of tea. I'll check out the Fearne Cotton ones, thank you.

    I've just done some other free training. I don't know if any of you have heard of Karen Wilding - a math's consultant? She has currently got a free shape, space and measures course/webinar for early years on her website.

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    Oh Mouse hope you feel better soon and manage to get through tomorrow. Please make sure you get the rest you need.

    We have been out for a walk today and had water play outside, the children decided the water tray was a swimming pool for the Happyland people.

    Maza thanks yes it was me asking..... I am not a gold member so can't look back at the old ones. I have done some Kinderly webinars as they do some free ones. Fearne cotton does a lot around mental health and well being.
    Pixie Dust

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