Good morning Tuesday
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    Default Good morning Tuesday

    I've realised I started to type this earlier but didn't ever press send!

    I've woken up with a stinking cold this morning so I'll be dosing myself up with paracetamol to get through the day. I know the rain doesn't cause a cold, but I'm sure it hasn't helped that I've been drenched so many times over the last few days! Yesterday was awful - heavy rain showers and hail throughout the day. We did see some wonderful rainbows though.

    Today is much nicer. The sun is coming out and it does feel as if it might brighten up. One child has come without a coat, so I really hope we don't get more rain.

    After I'd finished work yesterday I nipped out to do a quick food shop and I bumped into one of my ex-mindees with her family. It was lovely to see them, although there was no social distancing when she ran over to me for a hug! I keep in touch with her mum, but it's a while since I've seen them in person and it was lovely to have a quick catch up. They've recently moved house so I've been invited for lunch over half term. I've completely lost track of covid rules, but I'm sure that'll be allowed by then!

    Today we're having a mainly free play day while I suffer with a headache and runny nose. I've set the craft table up and have given the children free access to everything. I'm looking forward to seeing what they create, but not looking forward to cleaning up the mess when they've finished!

    Enjoy your days everyone

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    We've just come back from a lovely walk. We saw mummy duck and her ducklings on the pond and they were very good and came up close to us today. We've also had such dreadful weather recently that we haven't been doing our big scale walks, so it was nice to make the most of the dry spell this morning.

    I got some new chairs yesterday for the little ones. They were really cheap so I am hoping that they will be sturdy enough.

    DH is about to start decorating and replastering our bedroom, which means that we will temporarily move into the spare room - aka my laundry room. I love my laundry room. I love escaping in there with a big tub of washing to hang up/iron/fold. In my old home I used to have tiny little nook to hang up laundry and it was always so awkward and cramped, so I have loved having the space. I take my coffee and listen to a podcast or webinar. How sad!

    Hope you feel better soon Mouse. Where is your craft table - is it in the kitchen? My little one just isn't into crafts and I miss having little ones getting elbow deep in paint.

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    Oh Mouse hope you are feeling a bit better.

    We have had a calm day playing in the garden with the sand/water then the children made their own little obstacle course. I am currently waiting my food shop delivery.

    Maza I love listening to a podcast I must admit I am late to the podcast party do you have any particular favourites? I like Fearne Cotton and have listen to the higgle in the early years ones too. Sometimes I put one on when I go to bed but will fall asleep halfway through
    Pixie Dust

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    Hope you're feeling better Mouse.

    Sounds like everyone has had a nice day. We met a friend in the park and had fun collecting blossom, which we've played with at home. We got soaked on the last 2 minutes of our school run home which was not fun!




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