How's your weekend going?
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    Default How's your weekend going?

    The weather was awful here yesterday so I spent a day at home pottering round and doing little jobs - nothing too taxing, just enough to keep me busy!

    It's much better today. The sun is shining and, while it's not very warm, it is at least dry. DH and I are going to the garden centre this morning to get some plants for the front garden. Everything we've already got is growing well, but it's all very green and I want some colour out there. Neither of us is very green fingered so we'll just get something that looks bright and cheerful and is already in flower. It might not last well, but at least I'll get some instant colour!

    This afternoon we're going to one of our sons' for a BBQ. I like the idea of no cooking or washing up for me today! I've said we'll take a pudding, but as I haven't really got time to make anything, I'll nip to M&S while we're out and grab something indulgent!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

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    It's a lovely afternoon here! ( after a full day of rain and gales yesterday)

    I was talking to my gardening gurus at church this morning and they told me NOT to plant out my beans, sweet peas or courgettes yet! We planted marigold seeds last Tuesday and already, some are sprouting i am so not greenfingered, so I'm very pleased!

    I've been weeding my children's play area as we had a huge aggy bag of gravel to put down, so it's all looking lovely now that's down. I've just dug up new moss from around the garden and planted it in my small world moss trays which had died off after about 5 years!

    Found a multitude of worms, so think that we might make a little wormery next week. Just got to choose the right day to do it, as I don't particularly like handling worms, so need some children who do!

    Enjoy your bbq Mouse. I'm throwing a chicken in the oven later.

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    Happy Sunday afternoon, I have just tidied up the children's garden area after all the rain yesterday it was a bit of a mess. Now about to do the ironing then it's off to walk the dog. What a glamorous and exciting life I lead
    Pixie Dust

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    I've just been into town with DD and spent a small fortune on random bits and bobs. For the first time in my childminding life I have bought some ...windmills! Do you remember all the windmill jokes a few years back?

    I'm exhausted now, but I've still got to walk the dog and cook something. Pixie I did my ironing yesterday thank goodness.

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