Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    Good morning everyone.

    How's your weather today? It's much brighter here, although it's still a bit cold. But at least it's not raining and the wind has dropped. The garden looked such a mess this morning with soggy blossom blown everywhere, so I've been out to sweep up as much as I can before the children arrive. When it's dry blossom I leave it for them to collect themselves, but when it's wet and soggy, it's horrible to look at and they all end up slipping on it!

    Today we're going to make some more painted butterflies to hang in the garden. The ones we made last week were lovely, but the children wanted to take them home so none of them actually made it into the garden! I've told the children that we're going to make some more for outside and they're excited about hanging them in the trees. Hopefully they'll be happy to leave some here this time!

    A reminder that it's Sewing Bee tonight. The Bank Holiday has completely thrown me with the days, so I'd have probably forgotten it was on tonight. I nearly missed Holby last night as I thought it was Monday

    Have good days everyone. I hope it's sunnier and drier wherever you are.

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    Morning everyone.

    It's hailstones here. We've just popped out into the garden under an umbrella to listen to the sounds of the hailstones. We collected some too.

    The parent visit went well last night, so hopefully I will have another mindee soon. I had a nice family visit at the weekend but I really think they will choose a nursery, whereas this family last night want to take their little one out of nursery to come to a childminder. It's nice that there is choice for parents.

    We've been watching 'Friends' from the beginning with DD. We watch a couple of episodes most evening and are on series 5. I'm loving watching them all again.

    We've got blossom everywhere too - tons of it on DH's car this morning! I hate it when a strong wind blows it off prematurely because it is so beautiful on the trees.

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    Morning !

    It's bright but breezy here , we have just been on our weekly walk to the building site, one of the children actually reminded me that it's Wednesday so it's our walk day! (We do go out on other days.)

    I had some random lady stop me on the school run this morning to ask if I have any spaces for before/after school as she was on her way to a job interview and might need childcare! She obviously knew me even though I have no clue who she was I have had so many after school enquiries which I can't take on.
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    we met a friend and had a lovely walk with blue skies and little white fluffy clouds ( and a freezing wind! )

    everyone is very tired now! going to put a couple down for a snooze, and then my 3rd mindee wants to watch some tv, and as she is having rather disturbed nights with a new baby at home, i think we'll do that, and i'll have a cup of tea!

    I'm miffed ... just got a penalty notice for driving in a bus lane! i know where and why ... due to useless signage as you join a dual carriage way, and multitude of roadworks that have just stopped! Having been in the same place for 3 weekends running ... i'm suspecting i could have another couple coming! I've been driving down that patch of road for 4 years and never done it before! But in the photo you can't see any sign of the roadworks and i don't have the energy to contest it! ( or time! )



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