Happy Tuesday !!
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    Default Happy Tuesday !!

    Morning on this very wet and windy Tuesday !

    We had a very blustery school run this morning it feels more like October out there than May.

    On the bright side its a 4 day week Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, we went on a couple of long walks with the dog. I went in to a local charity shop but didn't get any bargains.

    Keep warm and dry everyone.
    Pixie Dust

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    It was terrible weather yesterday, it just didn't stop bucketing down. I took the dog out, he walked for about 5 minutes, did his business and then turned and took me straight home! He can't stand the rain. Today is 'slightly' better, but still horrible.

    I've got a parent coming around this evening, so I hope the weather is kind to us for half an hour while we have a meeting in the garden. I don't want to do any really messy activities today. Our story this week is 'The Enormous Turnip', so we've got some turnip to try for lunch today.

    My blackboard paint arrived last night, so over the next few days I'm sure I will be painting all sorts of random things. Loocyloo, any luck with your wanderlust box?

    Last night I watched the second episode of Sewing Bee and an episode of Call the Midwife (cried as usual). I'm very behind on both.

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    Good morning Pixie Dust and everyone else.

    It's certainly been grim out there, although the sun is coming out now. It's still very windy though. Yesterday was horrendous so I was glad we went out on Sunday and make the most of the dry weather.

    I've got a busy day today with an extra child here. He normally comes on a Monday, but obviously didn't come yesterday so mum asked if he could come today instead. He's a lovely little chap, so I'm happy to have him.

    On the plus side, it's a 3 day week for me. I don't mind doing busier, but fewer days. I always feel as if I've earned my Friday off!

    DH isn't at work today so I'm sending him to the charity shop to drop off some donations. I've given him instructions on what to look out for! He is actually pretty good now for spotting interesting bits I might like.

    Have good days everyone.

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    what a vile day! I've got grumpy children and no one wants to do ANYTHING! Might just get the paint out later and let them loose!

    I don't ever really feel the benefit of a bank holiday, as i don't work mondays anyway !!! I spent the day sewing/darning a couple of pairs of pointe shoes! I've got it down to about 4 hours a pair from start to finish! DD would like to put suede tips on her shoes that you glue on ... that would cut about 3.5 hrs off the job, but her teacher prefers them darned !!!

    No response about my wanderlust box ... going to wait to see what happens with this months! I did see somewhere that she had made more April boxes available .. who knows?!



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