It's the weekend!
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    Default It's the weekend!

    And a Bank Holiday weekend at that!

    Typically, as it's a long weekend, the weather is grim. The sun is out at the moment, but the black clouds in the distance are rolling this way so I'm not expecting the sunshine to last for long. I was on the phone to one of my sons earlier and he said it was hailing where he is. I had wanted to get a few jobs done in the front garden today, but they're going to wait now. I can always find plenty to do indoors instead.

    I did go outside earlier this morning to look at my flower planter. Last year I used it to grow vegetables (not very successfully) so this year I decided I'd grow flowers in it instead. I planted various bulbs in it and scattered wild flower seeds. The spring bulbs were reasonably successful and I did get quite a few flowering. The wild flowers seeds have done really well and I have got loads of plants, although I won't know what most of them are until they flower. It's quite exciting to see what they'll become, even if some of them do look suspiciously like carrots and spring onions!!

    Enjoy your weekend everyone. Hopefully you'll all get a well deserved rest.

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    We had a showery start to the day but it had brightened up a bit this afternoon. This morning I finished my accounts for the last tax year and submitted them so thats a job to tick off the list. This afternoon we have been for a lovely walk with the dog, we found a lovely footpath in the next village that took us through some lovely countryside but we have learnt that we can't let our crazy dog off the lead as as soon as he sees a bird thats it he is gone, we have been training him and thought his recall was going well but not today we know that chasing birds is in his dna but with him it seems a whole other level
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    afternoon all!

    DD had a dance class this morning and then we went to the 'local' outlet centre (local to the dance class that is ) as she wanted to try some shoes on. I ended up buying a lovely jacket from Joe Browns, as i have a wedding to go to in July ... the plan was to find a dress ... but bought a jacket instead! I was thinking linen trousers, but I'm not sure now! I saw a dress in M&S outlet that isn't what I usually wear, but would go with jacket! ... but DD talked me out of it. I've just looked online, and M&S don't have an online outlet shop anymore, so i'm going to have to go back before they sell out!

    I had things i wanted to do in the garden, but it keeps raining heavily in bits & pieces, so i'm pottering inside. I sprinkled a packet of wild flower seeds over one of my beds that i had dug up & removed loads of grass and lady's mantle from. I've kept the dandelions for the butterflies, and some of the grass as it grows very tall and 'sculpturally' !!! ... a couple of weeks ago, i was pulling little seedlings out, presuming they were weeds, and then remembered i'd sown wild flower seed, so i'm looking forward to seeing what actually grows!

    more dancing tomorrow and then NOTHINg on monday! HURRAH! however, i have my monthly catch up of paperwork to do! ( it won't take more than an hour when i actually sit down to do it! ) and i need to send all my parents a letter asking them to 'confirm' their childs hours/days for next academic year. I do tell them that if they need to change having done that, it is fine ( if i can do it ) but i've got a large number of people on my waiting list for afterschool, so i need to see what i can offer! I did say i didn't want to take any more schoolies on ... but i've had a few enquiries for reception age, which would work with who i already have, and they are young enough to 'mould' to my ways !!! ( plus the families have been recommended by people i know, as people who would 'fit' ... so we'll see! I haven't met with any of them in person, until i know what i can offer! ) GRRRR!

    enjoy the bank holiday everyone xxx

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    I had another parent visit this morning. They were a nice family, but I think they are a nursery type really. They are going to visit two nurseries next week. They have to visit once all the children have left (due to covid) and so I think nurseries will actually fair better without the children (no offence to anyone who has worked in nurseries - I'm sure you were all fantastic and professional). When I was looking around nurseries for DD, I always found that the person showing me around - usually the manager - was great, articulate, professional, good at PR etc but when I looked at the people who were the ones spending time with the babies, well, different story a lot of the time. If they visit when nursery is closed, they won't be exposed to that. I felt a bit 'under resourced' today to be honest. I have just been looking at the online glossy prospectus for one of the nurseries they mentioned. Very seductive.

    We've just been for a lovely walk in a 'new to us' forest. Pixie - we were mean and didn't take the dog. I took him out by himself earlier.



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