Mystery solved!!
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    Default Mystery solved!!

    I nipped upstairs earlier on to take some towels to the bathroom and could hear a slight rattling sound as I ran up the stairs. I thought I must have picked something up with the towels, but there was nothing.

    I didn't think much about it, but heard it again coming downstairs so knew it must be something on me. I checked my pockets and shook my t-shirt, but still nothing. I shook one leg...nothing. Shook the other leg...rattle. I checked my trouser pockets again, but they were empty.

    I ended up patting down my left leg, trying to feel if there was something inside my trousers. It was only when I got near my ankle that I found out what it was...

    ...a big googly eye stuck to the bottom of my trouser leg

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    Thats so funny
    Pixie Dust

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    Could only happen to a childminder!

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Mystery solved!! Mystery solved!! Mystery solved!!

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