Good morning Monday
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    Default Good morning Monday

    We're having a really easy day today.

    One of the children has a new baby sibling at home so is rather tired. I don't think any of them are getting much sleep
    He's also a bit emotional so we've been sitting together reading lots of books. He has ventured off now to play with the playdough, but he's struggling to engage with anything much. He normally enjoys being outside, but it's raining a bit so he doesn't even want to do that.

    This morning my husband had a letter saying he's classed as critically extremely vulnerable and should be shielding until the end of March. He's not been into work for a long time as he was initially furloughed and is now working from home. The only time he goes anywhere is when we do the weekly shop and, even then, I usually go in by myself. He's happy that he can't go shopping at all now!
    I did wonder how it would impact my work, but we've decided he'll just stay upstairs while the children are here. He's already had covid and has had his first vaccination so he should have some immunity. At least it'll keep him from getting under my feet during the day

    Is anyone else on the countdown to children going back to school? It'll be good to get back to some normality although i don't envy anyone who's got to go back to doing the school runs!

    Have good days everyone x

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    We've been on a lovely walk - it's like a sunny spring day here - but very muddy still. For some reason, I put my mindee in his normal shoes and didn't put him in his splash suit. We found some amazing muddy puddles too, poor thing. I let him go in the smaller ones, but we had to give the really big ones a miss today. The birds were so noisy everywhere, it was lovely!

    I have mixed feelings about the children going back to school - obviously it's better for the population as a whole to have children in schools, but my DD isn't really happy in her school and she's enjoyed being at home with us. It's been less stressful for us all.

    I'm currently watching 'Behind her Eyes' on Netflix. Has anyone watched it? A childminder on FB recommended it. It's ok - I believe the ending is good, so I'll stick with it.

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    It's been drizzly here, so, I've not done much. I do need to think about what to have for tea!

    Although I had an exciting delivery earlier! I was awarded a grant through a local initiative to get some resources to promote home learning/speech & language development and the 'rhyme time' bags ( from tts ) arrived today! a selection of back packs, with a soft toy ( or 2 or 3 or more! ) and a little activity idea/rhyme to go with it. I've been sorting through my books,and have found some story & picture books to add to each bag, and i can't wait to be sending them home with my children to play with their families. The local initiative is part of Hungry Little Minds – Simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 – 5 but each area taking part tends to have it's own facebook page/etc. There is a newsletter that families can sign up for with activity ideas etc, and there are some lovely things there. ( now all i need to do, is to work out WHERE i am going to store these new resources! ... ideally without DH noticing too much! )

    Oh, Mouse, I hope your DH can shield successfully whilst you are working. I have a parent who was very surprised last week to be called for a vaccine due to being 'extremely vulnerable' and who is hoping they don't have to shield, As they had no idea they were extremely vulnerable (due to an illness several years ago) and haven't shielded so far. They can't really work from home and work have said they will not be furloughing people! very tricky situation.

    DD can't wait to get back to school to see her friends, and to maybe sit some assessments for GCSEs. She really wants to know what is going to happen with Prom, as this year has been a bit of a wash out - should have had school musical to perform in, a large number of assorted band and choir concerts, plus an overseas music tour ( which although wouldn't be until July, is looking incredibly unlikely. They are all so sad about it, as they have been planning it since July 2019 ) DS may be going back to Uni this week.

    I'm not looking forward to school runs again, although I have missed my schoolies, as have the little ones!

    Fingers crossed those muddy puddles will still be there tomorrow Maza!

    Take care, stay safe, stay warm, stay dry!

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    Still been doing school runs do tests not too much of a change.

    I am concerned about en masses school returning. Mine go to a large high school so I don't see how having just under 1400 pupils in confined spaces will help. We have 4 high schools with the same numbers in a 20 minute walk from each other so that's a lot of people but they can't meet up with friends outside.

    However I am looking forward to some sort or normality I really looking forward to meeting a friend for a coffee.
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