It's the weekend!
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    Default It's the weekend!

    We have sunshine and the temperature is now above freezing! There are still small patches of ice left in the garden but it's definitely feeling more spring-like than middle of winter. The snow has ben fun (mainly because I haven't had to go out in it), but I'm ready for things to warm up a bit now.

    This morning I finished off the work I needed to do on a speech & language course I've been doing and this afternoon I'm doing nothing! I had a couple of magazines waiting to be read, so that's what I've done. DH has kept the coffee flowing so I really have been a lady of leisure

    Our grandson will be here this evening and we're going to sit and watch the final of Masked Singer. I've got the popcorn and sweets ready so we're going to make an event of it. He doesn't have a clue who the contestants are (even when they've been unmasked) but he loves the singing. He really wanted dragon to win, so was a bit disappointed last week, but he's now rooting for sausage! I have to be honest, I can't actually remember who's left in it, but I know I don't have any preference on who wins. It's just a good bit of fun and something nice to share with GS. Goodness knows what we'll watch instead!

    Enjoy the weekend

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    Mouse we're having cheese and biscuits as we also said we would make an event of the masked singer, lol. Like your gs, my dd doesn't have a clue who they are when they are unmasked! It's nice to make an event of things for the kids. For the easter holidays I'm toying with the idea of a virtual escape room - has anyone done one?

    This morning I popped to the Co-op and bought another couple of baskets and this time I organised the cupboard under the sink in the utility. I'm sure we have doubled up on so many cleaning products because we couldn't see the wood for the trees under there.

    I've just got back from walking the dog. My face still hasn't thawed out. It's bitter out there.

    Well done on finishing your course Mouse.

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    It's still cold here, but not nearly as cold as yesterday! The snow has mainly turned to ice, so it's lethal out on the pavements, but the roads are fine.

    I went for a lovely long walk with my friend and her dog this morning and have spent the afternoon doing I don't know what! Nothing really, just reading!

    Can't wait for masked singer. DD is cooking tea, so hopefully that will be ready in time!



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