Good afternoon Friday
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    Default Good afternoon Friday

    How's everyone doing today? All ready for the weekend?

    I had my usual Friday morning lie in and a leisurely start to the day. This afternoon I've been working on a course that I signed up to do a while ago. I made a good start on it, but progress has stalled a bit since Christmas. I had an email from the tutor asking how it was going so I thought I'd better get a bit more done. It's not as if I haven't had the time! It feels like being back at school

    This evening we've got a family quiz on Zoom. I think we're all starring to feel a bit fed up at the moment so I'm hoping it'll cheer everyone up. We did a lot of Zoom quizzes in the first lockdown and they were really good fun. I'm definitely finding this lockdown more difficult and I'm looking forward to the days when we can get back to some sort of normal. I'm not worried about a holiday or anything major, I'd just like to have a wander round the shops and sit in somewhere nice for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake

    Enjoy the rest of your day

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    ooo, Mouse, I'm so with you there! I don't even want to wander round the shops! I just want to go out for the day, sit on the beach, have a walk and then a nice coffee or lunch! AND, I am so missing going to the theatre to see shows, plays & ballet. Today Radio 2 has been playing show tunes ALL DAY ( AND ALL WEEKEND TOO! ) and i've been singing along! The children have all been dancing along too!

    We've had a very noisy, musical day with all the instruments out as well!

    DH and I do a quiz most weeks with a big group of friends and take it in turns to write the quiz.
    For the last one we did ... DH ( who is renowned for his bad jokes ( think cracker or dad jokes ) ) had a round full of bad jokes ... and the players had to guess the punchline !!! We also have a 'stock' question that is asked most weeks .... 'What is the most popular colour of toilet roll in France?' ... PINK ! sounds daft, but keeps us all going!

    have a good night everyone. i'm 'going' singing! x

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    Mouse, I was DETERMINED to pack away my playroom soon after mindee had left - and I have!! I'm so happy. I actually did quite a bit of it while he napped, so I didn't have too much to do once he had left. I'm going to aim to do most of it during Friday nap from now on. It feels so good.

    I've never done a zoom quiz. They do sound fun!

    In terms of lockdown, I'm missing being able to entice DD out for a walk, with the promise of an ice cream or hot chocolate, smoothie etc. in a nice cafe. Also, looking at instagram set ups, I'm missing having a browse in charity shops to get unusual items for childminding.

    No plans for the weekend, what a surprise.



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