Good afternoon Thursday
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    Default Good afternoon Thursday

    By biggest gripe about this whole coronavirus pandemic? Having my family at home all the time! I miss being able to work without them all hanging around and carrying on as if this is their home and not my workplace
    I really need them to go back to work, but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. The destructive toddler loves them being here, but gets over excited and has spent most of the morning running round and screaming excitedly. Every time I manage to settle the children to an activity, someone comes in and disturbs them. I often get to the end of the day and don't feel I've achieved anything with the children. They go home happy, but sometimes I struggle to think of what we've actually done during the day.
    I long for the day when the children & I have the house to ourselves again

    What's your weather like? We were excited when it started to snow, but it soon turned to sleet and then rain. Snow would have been fun, the rain is just miserable!

    Right, that's afternoon snack finished, so back to it! Only an hour till home time so just enough time to finish our colouring and get the playdough out

    Enjoy the rest of your days

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    oh MOUSE!

    I am so with you there !!!!

    I've come to the conclusion that as long as we're happy and we've got through another day, then, that will have to do !!!

    I worked out, that once DD was back at school, DS had gone to uni and DH was at work ( to be fair , he has been at work most of the time - but he did take a couple of random mondays off 'so we can do things ' ..... NOOOOOOO .... i had the sum total of 6 or 7 days to myself with NO ONE ( not even minded children ) in the house between the hours of 9 and 3.30 !!! SINCE 23rd MARCH !!!!! i am so missing having my space to myself. DD is great, but i was busy doing some puzzles with a LO whilst the others slept and she came and chatted and danced and hyped her up AGAIN!

    We had fun out in the snow first thing this morning .... funnily enough .... no one came to join in that fun !!!! its been sleeting and raining since about 10 with occasional snow flurries. We're off to school shortly ... going to drive ... i can't face being cold and wet with cold and wet children !!!! silver lining to this present time ... just one schoolie, one day a week!

    stay warm everyone xx

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    It's funny reading your side of things as my house is the opposite, its so quiet as nobody is home and I long for one of the family to be able to pop home. DS1 lives 4 hours away and the youngest is away at uni and didn't come home for Christmas as he stayed with his brother intending for them to come back home together before Covid and Boris put a stop to that. DH works away 3 weeks at a time so just me, having said that once DH has been home for a couple of weeks I am always ready for him to go back to work goodness what would happen if he actually did a normal 9-5 job !

    We haven't had any snow just rain plus its been very cold. The children are very in to doing puzzles at the moment so spent a lot of today doing them repeatedly. They don't seem to be getting bored either doing the same ones over and over again.
    Pixie Dust

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    Has anyone got a house like mine, you turn the heating off and it instantly becomes freezing? I don’t work Fridays so only me here and if I’m on my own I don’t put the heating on ( my husband says lucky if I put it on with him here!! Only the two of us) it’s cold, cold, cold doesn’t matter what I do as soon as I stop I’m cold again.

    Want to open the windows to air the rooms properly rather than a fraction open, building up to it. Well here goes......

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    P.s just like to add I do have the heating on when children here!



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