Good morning Monday
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    Default Good morning Monday

    Here we are at the start of another week. Just where did the weekend go?

    Over the weekend I saw there were calls for the tightening up of lockdown rules and for nurseries to close. I do wonder if we’ll go back to only being allowed keyworker children, like we were in the first lockdown. I know they’re now saying the recommendation is for school children to be kept at home if at all possible, even if parents are keyworkers, so that’s changed from advice at the beginning of last week.

    Have you LAs said if they’ll continue to pay funding for any children who don’t attend? I know some have already said they will, while some have said they won’t if parents chose to keep their child at home. As usual, our LA is sitting on the fence and not saying anything! I have one funded child who is being kept at home as mum isn’t working during this lockdown. I totally agree with her that it’s the right thing to do, but it would be nice to know if I’ll still get his funding or not.

    What’s everyone up to this week? Today we’re going to make a picture for the child who isn’t coming at the moment and put it in the postbox on our daily walk. Then tomorrow it’s one of the children’s birthdays so we’ll have a little party with a few games. I haven’t planned any further than that yet. I’m very much ‘planning in the moment’ at the moment!

    Have good days everyone

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    I've got a few jobs to do today, and to get myself ready for the week. I'm planning in the moment too!

    I really think they need to clamp down on who is attending school. Last lockdown, both parents had to be keyworkers, this time, as long as one is, child can go to school. Our school is busy. I know families where one parent is at home, other is a key worker and children are going to school! I think our LA will carry on paying funding for children who don't attend, but at the moment ... all my funded children are keyworker or vulnerable.

    Take care and stay safe xxx

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    Our LA has said they will pay funding until half term if you are open and a child doesn't attend for Covid related reasons. If they decide to say revert back to key worker children like the original lockdown I will only have 1 early years child and they are full time which I think will be hard.

    I haven't really planned anything for this week, we will do some 'winter' painting using blue/silver paints and will do some cooking at some point in the week. Planning on being outside a bit more this week as we didn't get out so much last week as our decking was so slippery we couldn't use it.

    On a different note I have just got back from the school run and the puppy(11 months) has chewed a hole in his bed and puled out the stuffing all over the kitchen the floor! We have tried various types of beds but he managed to chew all them, at least its not the furniture

    Have good day everyone
    Pixie Dust

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    Our LA haven't mentioned funding at all.

    I would normally go out to the woods or somewhere in the mornings, but as DD is homeschooling I want to be around so that she can chat with us on her breaks in between her lessons. Hopefully we can go on a walk this afternoon when she has finished.

    This morning, I went over my privacy notice. It was a bit wordy and repetitive. My plan is to do a little bit of paperwork every day when mindee is playing independently. I never used to do that but I am determined to cut down on the amount of paperwork I do in my own time. I really want to downscale my main folder and get rid of unnecessary policies and general/outdated paperwork. It feels good to tick something off each day.

    Oh dear Pixie, cheeky pup!



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