Happy New Year!
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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Default Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a good night and there aren’t too many headaches this morning!

    DH and I were in by ourselves so we ordered a takeaway and opened a bottle of wine. We were in bed before midnight but watched TV for a while so we were still awake when the fireworks started. Normally I go outside to watch them, but I got DH to open the curtains so I could stay in bed and watch them through the window

    Today I’m going to be pottering round, packing away the last of the Christmas bits. I also need to decide what to do with all the Christmas sweets and chocolate. Normally I send them in to work with DH and my sons, but as they’re either not working, or working from home now, I can’t do that. I need to remove the temptation or I’ll end up eating my body weight in chocolate!

    Have good days everyone and make sure you all get a rest before the children are back

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    Good morning no hangover here. I fell asleep watching Jools such a lightweight.

    I am cooking a new years dinner which is a Christmas Dinner but with ham instead of turkey.

    Dh is at work later so we have have a buffet style tea.

    Other than that we have nothing planned we do still have an enormous amount of chocolate left.

    Have a good day everyone x
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    Mouse - last night I tipped the remainders of a tin of quality street in the bin. We just had the ones no one likes left, but I know I would have eaten them regardless once all the other good stuff has been eaten.

    We've just been on a lovely walk - we had to cut it short because it was just too muddy and slippery. I'll have to go out again shortly to walk the dog as we didn't take him with us.

    We're just finishing off buffet bits for lunch and then we're having a left over pasta dish and finishing off the cheese and biscuits, so no cooking today. Don't think I've ever cooked less at Christmas time - it's been so relaxing. I did make a big pot of soup yesterday to freeze for mindee's lunch next week, and for DD now that she'll be off school for a while longer.

    Last night we watched the Christmas special of 'Not Going Out'. Do you watch that show? We love it. The other family show we have just got into is Michael McIntyre's 'The Wheel'.

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    So far today .... I have watched several films, and the new years day concert from Vienna! also read an entire book

    We usually head to the beach for a good walk on New Years day, and go out for lunch/tea .... but it's been raining heavily on and off all day so far, plus the beach feels further than we're happy travelling (albeit about 45mins!) so we're not doing much.

    Left over turkey curry for tea, and i'm excited to watch the New Dr Who!

    Maza, we're planning on watching 'Not going out' on catch up at some point; although i don't find it as funny now as i did back when it started! DH and DD love the wheel ... i'm not fussed, but it's a clever concept.

    We haven't particularly got much 'real' food left - just a few bags of crisps, and quite a number of packets of biscuits and sweet things. They'll get eaten over the next few weeks by my visiting locusts! I got given a fair few boxes of chocolates - I'll put them in the cupboard and have them as & when. My children are horrified that I still have an easter egg in the cupboard! I just haven't felt like eating it! and it's too nice to melt down.

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