Fleece lined leggings!
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    Default Fleece lined leggings!

    Can anyone recommend some good quality fleece lined leggings as looking at getting some as it's so cold now, we do spent a lot of time out side and with the current situation we will be out a bit more plus lots of long dog walks and I feel the cold so easily. Thanks
    Pixie Dust

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    Can't help really as I don't wear leggings, but DD has some velvet lined leggings from Primark that she loves.

    I have a couple of pairs of lined, (one with fleece) waterproof 'over trousers' ... (not sure what brand - possibly regatta) I wear them over my normal trousers as an extra layer and it really works, as they trap air between my trousers and over trousers. I'm often to be found sitting on the ground with the children, and not really noticing how cold or damp it is!

    .... I have been known to forget to take them off once we're back inside the house!

    I've recently bought a new waterproof coat too ... 10000 hydrostatic head .... VERY waterproof and warm. I'm thinking of looking to see if i can get some matching waterproof trousers.

    oh, and i'm waiting till I find some in a sale, but a zoo keeper I was talking to about keeping warm/having warm feet highly recommended sealskinz socks! said they were AMAZING!

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Fleece lined leggings! Fleece lined leggings! Fleece lined leggings!

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