Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    This week seems to be flying by!

    Today I’ll have the heavy handed toddler and the toddler who doesn’t like being outside, along with a 3 year old who loves being outside and gets upset if her games are disrupted by an over enthusiastic toddler trying to join in. Wednesday is definitely my trickiest day, trying to balance everyone’s needs and moods

    Last night DD and I nipped to town quickly as she realised she needed a Christmas jumper for work today. The shops are now open late, in the run up to Christmas, but they were still very quiet. Usually they’re madly busy at this time of year but people just don’t seem to be bothering. I’m not complaining, I hate shopping in crowds, but it is a shame to see it so quiet.

    What’s everyone got planned for today? We’re free playing all week with no major activities planned. The playdough is out all the time, there’s Christmas pasta in a basket that’s being used for weighing, play cooking and emptying all over the floor There are colouring sheets if the children want them and I set the playmobil Christmas set out in a far from Pinterest worthy scene Along with books and jigsaws, it’s keeping the children busy so we’re all happy

    Have good days everyone

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    today is wet and miserable ...

    I have a 3 yr old who is getting over Chicken pox ( so in that 'post viral' phase ), a 2 yr old, whose response to anything is to HOWL, and a 16mth old who is STILL obsessed by washing hands !!!

    We've got a Christmas sensory tray out, a post box with cards to 'write' and stamp with stampers ( under supervision because 16mth old likes to suck the stamps! ... doesn't put anything else in mouth!!! ), Nativity scene and lots of Christmas books and cuddlies and jingle bells! plus the Duplo and dolls. I might get the playdough out later. We're free playing too, with plenty of drawing/sticking & painting available. But currently, i'm sitting on playroom floor, whilst they play around me.

    Stay warm and safe and dry everyone.


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    Damp and drizzly here.

    My mindee is still loving playing with all my Christmas tins. I half thought about getting rid of them when we moved because they are mostly irregular shapes and take up a lot of room, but I'm so glad I didn't. I've never had anyone love them as much as him. I also put out an old packet of santa paper cups and he loves them too - stacking, hiding things underneath them etc. Nothing pinterest worthy here today either Mouse.

    We've just made a card for the staff and residents on a local nursing home, so we're going to drop that off later.

    My tasks for nap time include paying for the dbs update and sending out an invoice for January.

    Have a lovely day everyone. x

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