Good morning Friday
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    Default Good morning Friday

    I didn’t end up getting baking ingredients yesterday, so I won’t be baking today. My waistline will thank me

    One of my sons has had a work meeting cancelled so we’re going to go for lunch instead. There’s a nice retreat nearby that we like to go to so we’ll probably head there. We normally go for a walk round the grounds then find a comfy sofa in the coffee lounge and sit there for ages, eating a healthy lunch followed by a very unhealthy cake!

    This evening I’m going to nip to town for a few Halloween bits and bobs for next week. Somewhere I’ve got an old plastic cauldron that I get out so the children can make ‘potions’, but I looked for it yesterday and can’t find it anywhere. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one in town.

    I know some of you like reading, so have you got any recommendations for good books? I’m nearly through my pile and need to get some more. I don’t like historical dramas, but I’ll try most other genres. I’ve just finished The Phone Box at the Edge of the World and The Chain. Very different books, but both very good.

    Have good days everyone.

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    Your plans for today sound lovely Mouse. Mindee is just watching Topsy and Tim - I really love that show, it's so sweet and innocent and not OTT on noises!

    Mindee learnt the word 'bat' yesterday in our Halloween book, so we're going to make a very simple bat stick puppet shortly.

    The lady who does the hygge stuff recommended the seven sisters books the other day on instagram. I don't know what genre they are though.

    Did you watch Bake Off? I think the right person went - although she had been really good until last week. I liked her too.

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    Today went by in a flash as we are on school holidays and I had forgotten how crazy it is having the schoolies here all day! I remembered to get some tonic in so I can enjoy a G&T later I think I have earned it today.

    Mouse we made some lovely potions yesterday with bubble mixture and food colouring.

    Maza I agree the right person went home as they did have a bad week.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.
    Pixie Dust

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    Mouse... do you like mystery fiction?

    I've discovered an author called Nicola Upsen who writes mystery books ... and the main character is a lady called Josephine Tey ... set in 20s and 30s and this is best bit .... Josephine Tey was the pseudonym of a real person who wrote mystery books back in the 20s and 30s! The Nicola Upsen books really have the feel of the author and bits and pieces of her real life/ books. It's very hard to describe. I started reading the books and am now reading my way through the 'original ' books!

    They are not majorly heavy gritty crime .... more Agatha Christie but are imbued with modern feelings / ideas / thoughts. I find them fascinating.

    Another book I read a couple of years ago was a dystopian novel called 'when the floods came' .... set in Britain, 20 yrs after a virus (??!!) wipes out the population and floods came .... it may be a teenage book, but I was fascinated about motorways that had moss on them, and 'amazon' who deliver everything (?!!) .... it's stayed with me, too the point that I actually bought the book for my book shelf! And I usually just read from library!



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