Good morning Wednesday
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    Default Good morning Wednesday

    Did anyone have storms last night? One was heading our way when I went to bed, but I fell asleep quickly and had the fan on, so didn’t hear if it did arrive. It’s still hot and muggy though so it’s certainly not cleared the air at all.

    I’ll just have one child here today as the others are on holiday this week. He’s the most content little chap and is lovely to have around. I know some children struggle if they’re here by themselves, but he’s happy on his own or in a group and happy if I join in his play or leave him to get on with it. It makes my day a lot easier

    Before he arrives I need to do a quick food delivery order. I’ve been ordering from Morrison’s through Amazon. I can do an order and have it delivered the same day, sometimes within a couple of hours. It’s great for days like today when I just need a top up and not a full shop. It’s much quicker and more convenient than going and getting it myself after work.

    Have good days everyone and stay cool

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    We had a major storm last night it feels a little fresher this morning but still hot.

    I have a lo doing his settling in sessions again. I had settled him before covid struck and we are back to full on screaming. However I have got him playing next to me and he's allowed to me to go into the kitchen without tears.

    Dh ds2 and both dds are digging out the garden in consoling myself with the thought it will look good when finished
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    We haven't had any storms yet but they are forecast for our area from tomorrow, it is already very warm here and I have already been out with the 2 children for a walk over the local playing field, it was lovely as their wasn't anyone about yet normally by mid morning its full of families.

    We do Morrisons click and collect, I used to go in a supermarket at least twice a week and now we have the one weekly click and collect. I am going to try and arrange one for when we go away in couple of weeks as the one thing I am not looking forward to is having to go food shopping while we are away.

    Have alovley day everyone !
    Pixie Dust

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    No storms no rain either. It’s still boiling and humid here. But more cloud tonight so here’s hoping it does something over night. Came back from a walk at lunch today to find my food waste bin absolutely heaving with maggots inside, outside and the surrounding worktop. I only emptied it this morning so the only thing in it was carrot skins and bits of fruit from our picnic lunches. Glad I came home when I did!!



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