It’s the weekend
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    Default It’s the weekend

    I’m sure it’s only 3 days since I started the last weekend post! Why are the days suddenly flying by so fast?

    I’ve got lots of bits to go and deliver today. I usually drop stuff off on my daily walk but these things need to go further afield so we’ll go in the car. I’ve got some packages to drop off to the minded children and some sewing bits to drop off to a friend. My sewing machine never did get much use so it’s now back in the cupboard and the fabric I had is going to a friend for her to make face masks. It seems so long ago that I dug it out and had plans to start using it properly It’ll probably sit there forever now and I’ll keep looking at it, saying ‘I wish I had more time to start sewing again’. Except now I know that’s a lie - even with weeks of free time I didn’t find the motivation to sew

    Once the deliveries are done I’m going to start sorting the toy shed. It’s the one job I would really like to finish before I start working again. I put off doing it before because I had no way of getting rid of anything I didn’t need anymore. It’ll be easier to sell stuff now or get things to the tip, although it would be handy if the charity shops could take donations sometime soon.

    Whatever you’re up to, have fun and stay safe
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    When we had our lovely garden table and chairs delivered a couple of weeks ago, the delivery man left a wooden pallet with us. DH was grumpy, but no self respecting childminder would turn her nose up at a wooden pallet. I introduced him to pallet ideas on Pinterest and he was sold! I wanted him to do a woodwork project with DD (was never going to do it myself). Bless them, they are in the process of making an outdoor coffee table. It's been such a constructive use of time and a learning curve for them both. They're working on it as I type.

    No major plans today. Bits of admin that I do need to do. With all the lovely flour that DH managed to get hold of yesterday I feel like I should do some baking. Or maybe I'll make some Yorkshire puddings...

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    I've done a food shops and was sad to see that the roads were much busier ... all heading in the direction of the coast

    I have no plans for the rest of the day!

    I am planning on making some masks ... the simple ones with folds in ... I have lots of scraps of fabric and fleece, and I saw somewhere, that putting fleece as a liner was good! I've got a fair bit of elastic ( at least, I think I do! ) if not, I've got bits of ribbon etc I can use ... That said ... not sure WHEN I'll make them, as if it's sunny, I want to be outside!

    That sounds fun Maza ... my DH would have had the pallet in his shed before you could blink !!! He'd be thinking he was going to chop it up for firewood and i'll be saying 'can you make me XYZ'? !!! DS is designing and then making me a new wooden kitchen for my playhouse. I've got a nice little tikes one in there, but it has no storage, and so i've ended up with a plastic unit in the playhouse for all the bits ... so he's designing one with decent storage and shelves ( Maybe when that's done, he can add some storage into my real kitchen )

    Time is just whizzing by so fast!

    Take care and have fun everyone.

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    Good afternoon i have had a lazy day so far today

    It was our eighth week on a Netflix party with my brother. My niece starts school Monday their restrictions are quickly lifting

    We dismantled the boys old broken bunk beds last week. I suggested to my dh making a teepee out of it.

    Next minute i know hes building a bonfire. Hes jas no idea how much that will cost him to buy me one

    Have a good day everyone
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    When someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to go slam a revolving door

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