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Thread: Good morning

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    Default Good morning

    Normality has resumed very quickly.

    How is everyone?

    Are you enjoying the school runs - we got wet yesterday but the children cheered up when they saw dds gym mat. Im in awe of anyone who can do the spilts
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    Good evening! Where did today go?

    I worked a couple of days last week, but we were still on holiday mode and just pottered around! Back today, and schools back and I don't think I've stopped! also had 2 new after-schoolies, so far, so good ... but it is always a bit stressful having new older children who need to 'learn' the rules!

    busy week ahead, but one mum has just text to say child poorly, so won't be here this week ... which means that randomly, with everyone elses shift patterns etc, I have 2 hours off one afternoon !!!

    hope everyone has a good week.

    Fussy I know .... i can't and have never been able to do anything approaching the splits, or any form of bendiness! i can ( or least, used to be able to ... haven't tried for a couple of years! ) cartwheel and that's it! DD can do splits in every direction, even when standing on one foot, the other can be 180 degrees in the air! she can do all manner of 'acro/gym' 'tricks' and cartwheels with both, one or even no hands! i have a video of her doing an 'aerial' ( no handed cartwheel ) on my phone, and every time i watch it i am in awe!

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    Children went back to school here last Thursday so things are well and truly back to normal but its been great getting back to our usual daily routine. Just wish the school runs were a little bit warmer!
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