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Thread: Remembrance

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    Default Remembrance

    Have any of you done anything lovely/poignant for remembrance with your mindees or families?

    We were planning on going to a lovely sounding procession this evening but stuff came up last minute and we couldn't go. I had even been in school today to borrow a bell, as part of the gathering was to be a ringing in of peace/hope with bells. Sad to have missed it.

    It's amazing that each year I still learn new things about the war. The more I learn the more I realise there is to learn.

    Hope you have all had a lovely day. x

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    I have very mixed feelings about it.

    As a cultural phenomenon, it bears very little resemblance to what it was meant to be. It has largely failed to achieve what it set out to achieve. It has fixed a range of myths in people’s collective psyche, rather than furthered the understanding of history. In fact, it rather deadens the whole notion of the study and debating of historical evidence.

    I’m far from 100% decided, but have this nagging feeling that it has run it’s course and we might do well to end it if we cannot treat it with due respect for the facts.

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    Thanks for speaking up bunyip , I feel a similar unrest with the whole thing but also feel like I am seen as disrespectful if I don’t ‘join in’. The whole thing has taken on a nationalist slant which is unpleasant.
    I have made white poppies with the children , we have been remembering all the victims of all wars , 90% of whom are civilian.

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